chapter one

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Disclaimer: I do not own Theodore Nott because if I did he would have been in the films.

If it wasn't for the chance of seeing her best friends, Amy probably would have stayed at home in her room, re watching all of her favourite rom-coms.
But instead her parents decided to drag her along to the Quidditch World Cup Final.

Now to anyone hearing that, they would be excited and on some kind of adrenaline rush, now don't get her wrong, she loves quidditch (would never play of course) but always down to watch.

However she knew that she would just be stuck in the V.I.P box surrounded by other uptight, Pureblood Ministry workers making small talk and pretending to actually like each other.

Unlike her parents, and many others she grew up around, Amy never believed in Pureblood Supremacy or thought lower of those who are not.
Why would she?
Besides her best friend is half-blood and she would never dream of treating her any differently because of that.

She wished she could say the same for her parents.

"Now Amy remember if anyone asks about your fathers business trip, you say-"

"He went to see his family in Paris." Amy interrupted tiredly as if she had rehearsed that answer a thousand times.

"Very good, now do try to look like you actually want to be there" said her mother as she stared at herself in the reflection of the mirror in Amy's room applying a pair or large gold earrings.

She always hated how her parents would use her as some puppet whenever they went to a public event.
No one would even ask her questions anyway, if  they did it's not like she could tell them the truth, her parents never actually tell her anything.

"Would be a lot easier to if I could actually sit with my friends there" Amy replied sighing.

"I told you, the Malfoys will be there with the Berkshire and Riddle boy no doubt - and the Zabinis of course, that women does like to mingle with all of the officials"
Which wasn't a lie, Blaise's mother did like to get on the good side of the ministers no matter what it took.

"And the Nott family as usual" she added knowing this would raise Amy's spirits even if she didn't show it.

Amy and Theo have been friends pretty much since birth, mainly because of their father's friendship, but they both shared the same interest of hating their families.
Theo's mother died a long time ago when he was only 9 -years-old but Amy was always there for him and he always knew she would be.

After what felt like an hours long pause, Amy spoke up again.

"I just don't see why she can't at least sit with us and she won't even talk to anybody"

"Do you want you're father to become a laughing stock?" Her mother finally snapped, taking her eyes off her reflection and staring Amy dead in the eyes.
"If they knew you were even friends with a half-blood he would loose respect from all of those people sitting in that box tonight." She replied hastily knowing that this conversation has been re-lived on countless occasions.

Before Amy could reply with a snarky comment, the door to her room opened and stood with all of his high ass pride was her father on the other side.

"Everybody ready to go? The port key has just been delivered" he said, looking between the two girls and knowing that he just interrupted an argument.

And with that her mother left the room, the sound of her heels tapping against the floorboard rang through Amy's mind as she thought,
this is going to be a long day...

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