Chapter I

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5th of December. Everyone were so excited about that day. Why? Well it was the day of the RB battles finale. Finalists were about to come out from the changing room.

Hyper's p.o.v.:
I was ready to came out, I think... To be honest I was kinda nervous. Playing against Season 1 champion and a Tryhard wasn't the best idea, but you know, it is what it is, can't really do much about it. Everyone were almost ready, we were waiting for Ashley, TanqR and Denis.

Hyper: So, how are you feeling Kreek?
Kreek: Oh yeah, I feel pretty confident about it, like I'm about to win this thing once again.
TanqR: Are you sure about that Kreek?

Geez his voice sound so... scary, like he really wanted to scare us. Then he just put his mask on ( yep I'm using the original avatars for this one), and Ashley was laughing.

Kreek: Yeah I'm sure, if you thing u can scare me that easily, then no you can't, try better.

TanqR's p.o.v.:
I smiled, after Kreek said that, of course no one seen that. It was good to know that he will be trying his best to win. A bit of a challenge wouldn't hurt, right? Everyone was ready to go, but Denis was still in bathroom. Then the door opened and Russo came in.

Russo: Ok guys, it's time for the RB battles season 2 finale, are you guys ready?!
Everyone: Yea!
Russo: Then what are you waiting for, c'mon let's go!

Everyone walked of the changing rooms, except for me. I was a bit worried about Denis

TanqR: Eyy Denis, is everything alright?
Denis: ...
TanqR: Are you here?
Denis: ...
TanqR: Hello?
Denis: Yeah... I'm alright, don't worry...
TanqR: If you say so-

I just left the room and join others in the main area ( if I can call it like that).

Russo: So are you guys ready to start finale of Th-
Sabrina: Russo, I think you forgot about Denis..., where is he?
Ashley: I think he was in the bathroom
TanqR: Yeah, he is in the bathroom, I asked him if he was alright, he said yes, so I just left him in here.
Sabrina: We should go check out on him, just in case if he is alright.
TanqR: I will go, since I left him in here.

I did as I said I went back to the bathroom in changing room.

TanqR: Denis we need to go, everything is ready.

No response... weird, I don't think he felt bad before w came here. I was waiting for him, but when I looked down I saw a weird black stuff coming out from under the door. I quickly backed up and went to my locker for a Diggle ( I know that gun) which I took for some reason. When I came back there was more of this stuff on the floor but it was glitching right now. I decided to go back to the main area and inform others. As soon as I left the room literally a tsunami of this has surfaced out of the room.

DJ: Guys what is that?
Kreek: TanqR what have you done?!
TanqR: Me?! I haven't done anything, it just came out of the bathroom where Denis was!
Sabrina: OMG, GUYS LOOK.

As she said that we all looked at the black stuff. And there were... Denis's head peaking out of this.


He started running towards it, but Kreek stopped them

Kreek: Russo no! We don't know what this is, we can't risk it!
Ashley: He is right!
Russo:... Alright I will lis-

He didn't ended his sentence, because he got attacked by this. I was shocked. What is that? Why this is attacking us? What should we do? I had so many questions in my head, and no answers. I wasn't able to move my body, because of massive problems we were in.

Kreek: C'mon Guys we need to go, NOW!

All of these screams, people rushing to the exit and now this. I wasn't able to think normally until someone wakes me up.

DJ: TanqR, wake up. We need to go!
TanqR: Oh yea, um- I'm coming.
Sabrina: Guys there is an exit at the back of the main area, if this thing is not here yet, we can escape!

We were all running at the back of the main area but then this thing attacked again. It attacked Sabrina, all I heard is a screaming but it stops immediately.

Kreek: Guys don't look back, just run! We can't save her. This thing is attacking judges by now, so we need to protect DJ!

We were at the exit. It was pretty hard to open it since the doors were kinda old, but we did it and we run of.


As I said there might be some grammar mistakes, so don't try to correct me please, I hate it so much. But yeah there goes chapter I I will try to post another as soon as I can

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