The Man's Name is...

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"Great. Now then, if you'll just come with me and we'll sign a nice little contract to make it official." This man didn't play around when it came to deals, he was signed, booked, and checked all down to the last period on a roster. Not to mention he was bat-shit crazy.

"Sure. I don't mind. Give me a pen-" I refrain from calling him an asshole as I would like too, so instead I say, "Mr..."

"Kelvin. Chase Kelvin." I force out a laugh, "oh my god, why is your name so f-freaking cliché?" He chuckled darkly, "this is going to be easier than I thought." The fact that he was being so egotistical, made me that much more determined to prove this guy wrong.

I could do it, not cussing is going to be a total piece of cake!

I go to make my way into his office, which is down a long hallway. When we both enter the room, my toe stubs on the end of a very expensive looking desk, "holy f-monkey hair, and leeches. Lotssss and lots of leeches." I seethed out in pain.

Chase remained impassive to my agony, and just stood there glaring down at my crumpled up form on the ground. "Thanks for ruining my desk."


"Now if you'll quite loitering my floor, and come sign these papers-"

"All you're worried about is your precious papers! Did you not just see me do a nosedive to the floor." A very nice, and expensive floor might I add. The carpet was the softest I've ever felt in my entire life. It felt like velvet. Maybe it was velvet, he was probably rich enough for it.

Chase cleared his throat, "yes. I need to know if you're going to agree to this deal or not." I sigh heavily, almost like a child throwing a temper tantrum. I wanted him to see how mad I am, but if he did see-he didn't care.

Stupid billionaire. Stupid dumb contract that I have to sign. Stupid Chase.

"Alright Calvin Klein, where do I sign?" I chuckled at my little rhyme childishly. I see a muscle in his jaw contract as he clenched his teeth together, was the little billionaire angry? Whoops.

"Sign here. And here." Suddenly I'm realizing I may just be singing my doom. "And what does this contract state exactly?"

"Just the deal I told you earlier. Now sign." I really didn't like being told what to do. I think he sensed this, he leaned down to my ear.

Chills crawled down my spine at his closeness, "come on strawberry, just sign the papers." He whispered erotically. My head was clouded by intimacy. Holy hell, was it getting hot in here?

Just to go the extra mile, he licks the back of my neck-quite hot, yes. I felt my eyes closing, but somehow I managed to sign the paper through all the befuddlement. The next thing I know, he's snatching up the paper smiling like an asshole at a football game, "thank you for doing business with me." He turned around to head out the door, leaving me with my mouth hanging open for all to see my throat.

"Better watch out, you might swallow a bug." I think I just did Calvin Klein, I might have just swallowed that bug.

Anger quickly consumed me, as I made my way after him, "why are you still here? I trust you can show yourself out." I was so confused, how is he going to know if I cuss or not?

As if he read my mind, he made his way over to me, I tried not to show how intimidating he was to me. But he and I both knew he intimidated me. "I have my ways of finding out if you cuss. But. To make me feel better, I guess I could allow you to stay here." He paused for a minute, a small grin etching onto his face, "yes. I need to introduce you to my mother anyhow-make it more realistic."

I scoff, it's like he just knows I'm going to lose this bet-ha, ha. Well you've got another thing coming, sir.

Afterwards, Chase simply left me standing there. He had a maid sent to show me to my room, but he came in shortly after, closing my door.

I was about to open my mouth, to ask what the hell he was doing in my room, but he cut me off.

"Listen, just because we have this agreement, don't think that we'll ever be like the happy couples on billboards- I'm just here to use you. You're an idiot who's put herself in something you're never getting out of. I'm just here to help you lose, and fûck you until you have my child for my mothers benefit. Afterwards, you will then leave my estate with your million dollars, and never bother me again, are we clear?"

I was practically seething venom from his words, "you're acting as if I've already lost!" Out of everything he said, that was my comeback? I never even expected us to become anything. Especially not now, he's a total prick. But he was sexy as fûck, that I couldn't deny. He smirked evilly, "well, haven't you?"

"Do you understand me or not?" He quickly backtracked to his last statement, "yes. It's crystal clear." Ignorant bastard.

Calvin Klein left without another word, but he had an extra skip in his step from completely schooling me.

After taking a shower, in one of the biggest showers I've ever seen in my life, I head back to bed. When I landed on the angelic softness of Egyptian cotton, I immediately realized just how tired I was from this whole day.

I didn't even bother checking my phone, that was probably blown up with texts from Toby. But right now, I could care less.

A wave of guilt spread over me for even thinking that. Toby has always been such a good friend to me. He's been there for me in some of my worst times. And I'm thankful for that.

Toby's always been the one who tried to keep me out of trouble, like the older brother I never had. If I would've just listened to him yesterday, I wouldn't even be in this situation. But one million dollars, people have killed for that kind of money.

I made the decision to rest my wandering mind my popping in my earbuds, and falling slowly into a deep sleep to the soft rendering melody of gospel.

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