Meet Pryam

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Pryam's POV

Hi! I'm Pryam Flair Schenburg. A math geek during the day and a certified addict... addict dancer at night. Hahaha!! hey! don't get me wrong people. I'm not a street walker or something but i do dance at night for competitions. I love dancing! When i dance it feels so right and my body just blends with the music on it's own. Well, I'm also kinda popular at school.


I was surfing through facebook when i notice that she's online. Oh my God! This is it what i've been waiting for. I didn't let the chance to slip away so i quickly chatted her and she replied after some minute. I checked her profile she's really pretty. What's new? She's stunning since the first time i saw her. Her black raven hair, a pair of captivating smokey black eyes, cutie cheeks that i'll love to pinch, and her lips.. Oh! her lips.. Damn it! I want to kiss those very inviting lips of hers. I got this huge crush on her ever since the day i saw her act out on their play. Yeah she's a theater actress and a great one on it. We continued chatting until i got the courage to ask her number and fortunately she gave it. This must be the luckiest day of my life!! Woohooo. I rejoiced and finally logged out.

I was in a vacation and really enjoying so i didn't bother to text her that instance. I'm also pretty occupied with Rhea. I got a crush on her and were really close but she's bragging me about Cess. She's madly jealous with her to the point that they even fight about me though they were friends. Well, Cess was obviously flirting with me so i just go with the flow. Hmm. It's confusing i know. I had crushes on girls but i never do girlfriends. I only got attracted with them so i'm still into guys i even had boyfriends before and some suitors right now.

After three days, we finally got home. That's when i decided to text her because now i can give her enough attention. In a couple of days we became close and she demanded an endearment so i thought for a while and i landed on Y.O.S.H. I got this weird curling motion on my stomach just with the thought that i'll be calling her with such endearment. Damn! I can imagine myself flushing red right now. In the morning, I always make sure to send her a sweet message. Telling her to eat, take care of herself, keep safe and a lot of stuffs to let her know how much i cared about her.

Soon vacation will be over though i'm already busy doing sort of things for the guild. I'm the auditor after all. We will be organizing some activities for the benefit of the department. Our guild worked hand in hand for the things that were going to use in promoting our activities. We also talked to some professors to require their students to join and they agreed. When everything was settled, we had a meeting on what we're going to announce while assigning someone to explain and after that we all head home.


Today were going to promote our activities. This will be a long day for all of us. We went on entering each class promoting and explaining our activities. Usually the students will ask some details and some are just plainly annoying us by asking stupid ones. I'm already exhausted when we finally reached her class. Cherry Mielle's class. I'm quite excited to see her and a little bit nervous. I observed their class while some of us were infront of them discussing our activities. Gosh! This class was a mess. Everyone was having their own conversation and they don't care if someone was speaking infront. Didn't they know were tired? They're fucking wasting our time. I'm really pissed with them.When were done we all head out i didn't noticed i was going in Mielle's direction. When i'm near enough she greeted me "Hi yosh!" I didn't bother to reply i just looked at her and passed by. I was really annoyed with them so i had the guts to do that plus i'm shy. Don't know what this girl have that she can tame me like that. Whatever!

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