02. broken noses and bloody knuckles.

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broken noses and bloody knuckles.

Sarah and I walk a little in front of the rest of the self-proclaimed Kook Kings, she let me borrow one of her flowy summer dresses. A pale green colour with small daises embroidered across the fabric. It’s a wrap-around style that makes me feel feminine and beautiful.

My hair is just how Rafe likes it, loose, the long dark strands blowing in the afternoon breeze as we approach the kegger.

“Sarah that’s a terrible idea!” I shout above the wind, as Sarah climbs some big rusted old shipping equipment, the red paint that once covered the thing now chipping away revealing rust and holes in the metal. It’s like a breeding ground for tetanus.

“Live a little Frankie!” She laughs down at me, both of our boyfriends off getting us some drinks, while we hang out on the edge of the party.

She perches herself on it and smiles down at me, her blonde hair whipping around her face, “My sister has a fuckin’ death wish.” Rafe mumbles, making me jump as he creeps up on me without my knowledge. I slap on an over the top smile and thank him for the beer, downing it within a few mouthfuls, there's no way I can get through tonight stone cold sober.

He leaves Topper trying to convince Sarah to get down and pulls me into the heart of the party, music sounds through the expansive sandy beach, and a throng of teenagers gather all with the sole purpose to get so drunk they forget about this party.

With his hand wrapped around my waist, I’m feeling Rafe’s possessiveness tonight, I can already tell this night is going to end up with broken noses and bloody knuckles.

I use to love parties, letting loose and getting way too drunk, feeling tom top of the world. But now they are a source if anxiety, every second I'm trying to problem solve so nothing blows up.

From the corner of my eye, I see the dirty blonde mop that can only belong to JJ-motherfucking-Maybank. Quite possibly the last person I want to see tonight, whenever Rafe and JJ are in close proximity I am on the verge of throwing up, I can see JJ’s brain working through the best ways to throw in Rafe’s face the face he and I are sleeping together.

Not that I can entirely blame him with how Rafe treats him.

JJ's a dick, everyone knows that but I don't think he's evil, so I don't think he'd do it if he knew what was going in between Rafe and I. But he doesn't. And he hates the Kook's so having the chance to ruin one of their days would be a great day.

But sitting on a large piece of driftwood swinging her legs back and forth is Kiara. She is also exactly what I need to get through this party with an ounce of sanity left inside me.

“I’m going to say hi to Kie.” I explain to Rafe who looks down at me, and then scans the party finding Kie quickly, his eyes then moving back down to me, he nods.

“Come straight back.” He says like I’m some petulant child. I give him a tight-lipped smile and nod, escaping his suffocating grip.

I cross the party, everyone stays away from me, due to the knowledge of what Rafe would do if he thinks anyone got too close to me.

“Frankie! I didn’t think you were coming.” She smiles and brings me in for a hug, I return the gesture, giving her a tight squeeze.

“Rafe told me I was coming, so, here I am.” I give Kie a sarcastic grin. 

She pouts, her disdain for Rafe at this point beyond obvious, “You look like you need a beer.” She says, and I nod, together we walk over to the small fold-out table with a few slabs of beer on it, we both get one out, Kie produces a bottle opener and opens mine for me.

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