Life vs Death

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What is life?
I want you to remove the L and the E from it.
That is life..
Life is full of if's.
And if we remove the F and replace it with a V
It becomes live.
That's what we are supposed to do.
Life is full of if's.
But what we have to do is live.
Remove the F again and this time replace it with a K.
Sometimes... That's just life...
Life is full of if's
But what we have to do is live.
Even if we don't like it...
Life is full of ups and downs.
Sure we may not like what life throws at us sometimes.
But we have to live through it.

  After I finished I waited to see the class reactions.

  Some people clapped and others looked at theirs clearly more foucased to see if they would make the cut to get a passing grade or not.

  "Excellent work athanasia, please pick the next person" the teacher told me.

  This was our end of year project.

  To write a poem about something.

  I looked over to my left and smiled at Lucas.

  He knew what I meant.

  I walked off the presentation board and went back to my seat.

  "Opposites attract." I heard Lucas whisper as he passed by me.

  I had no clue what he meant but I was sure I was about to find out.

  I went to my seat which was right beside Lucas.

Some say death is for those who have experienced enough.
Some say death is for those who have had enough.
Some people go near death's door just to come back.
Like a Phoenix rising from ashes.
Death is feared by some but welcomed by others.
Why is that so?
Sometimes  life doesn't treat us well all we want is to see the end.
Sometimes  life treats us too well and we don't want it to end.
But in the end...
Death will always come.
Like it's a predator and you are it's prey.
Those who want to live will run for as long as they can.
Those who don't want to live will stop in their tracks.

ome believe that Death can lead us to hell or heaven.
Where angels and devil's are born.
Where gods live and where demons roam.
In the end.
Death is something we cannot escape.
Death is something that will come.
No amount of preying or medicine can stop it.
All we can do.
Is enjoy our life for as long or short as it is.
Because the next thing we know.
Death might be coming to your door.

  Lucas ended his poem.

  'Opposites huh...' I giggled.

  One of us talked on life.

  The other on death.

  But somehow...

  We were attracted to each other.

  I clapped for him along with some others as he came to sir beside me.

  "Death huh? Ohh~ what a scary topic." I giggled.

  "Scary... To me that is you leaving me." Lucas replied.

  "But death will not do us part." We both said at the same time and laughed.

  This was one amazing score.

  And one amazing day.

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