Trick or Treat

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Kiyo POV

Its currently the 31th of October of our 2nd year in Highschool. A lot has happened after the 2nd island exam. I was currently on my way back to the dorms after meeting with the ayanokouji group. We were just hanging out because we didn't get to hang out as much as often since I revealed my relationship with my girlfriend.

Nagumo was constantly targeting both me and Kei, though im not too worried about kei because im pretty sure she is strong enough to take any mental attack from Nagumo. Im also thinking about finally expelling Nagumo since the white room problem has already been settled.

While racking up my brain , I messaged kei today but she hasn't reply . it was only showed as seen. Hmm strange did I make her angry? Did I forgot about something?

While pondering on my thoughts I arrived in front of my room . opening the door I can see that there was another pair of shoes inside. I already know who it belongs to without having to take a second glances.

I made my way to the living room and there I saw a blond-haired witch with sparkling blue eyes that could ensnared any man known to exist. Although I knew she was in my room I did not expect to see her wearing something like this .

"Trick or Treat Kiyotakaaa."

Was said by non-other than the witch which was my very own girlfriend

Was said by non-other than the witch which was my very own girlfriend

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I don't understand love but I can say that my girlfriend is one of the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

"trick or treat?" was what I said .

"yes, trick or treat"

"im sorry kei, I don't understand what you want."

"ahhhh mouuu, how can you be so cluelesss." She said while pouting.

I know that today is Halloween but I never celebrated it before . also not everyone celebrate halloween in Japan. Its mostly famous in the western countries. I can see some store on keyaki mall decorated for Halloween but that's it . Its not as famous as Christmas ,New year or even valentine.

"just pick one Kiyotaka, If you pick Treat means you have to give me some sweets . Usually it's candy but it can be any form of sweets. And if you pick trick means you have to do 1 thing for me hehehe."

Hmm does the trick on 'trick or treat' really work like that? I mean how can I know, I never celebrate Halloween before.


Hehehe so far everything is going as planned . Kiyotaka has never celebrate Halloween before so even though he probably read it on some books he doesn't know how it actually works. Just a Little bit more and checkmate Kiyotaka. HyuruhyuruHyuru

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