Home sweet home

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We tripped and landed on top of eachother. I stood back up and watched every elements that were moving,swaying to and throw. Luke was still recovering from being under  Jays muscles. I have seen this place since I was 7 years old!

Luke pushed is geeky glasses back up and then straightening it,"Yup,it's beautiful isn't it"

Jay put his arms around me and Luke as we watched the view. We were home atlast and free from monsters,gooey maneaters or any bad creatures of any sort.

"Hey guys, look!" Jay pointed. "It's our meet up play ground!"

"And I see it's in mint condition"

"Do u remember the time..."

"WE BUILD A BOMB OUT OF BOOT!" we said in unison.

"yeah, we gave it to an old man"

The play ground was our first meet up. It was where the Barons were born! (that's our name) After we found eachother in high school things changed. We left at first grade and we became rebels.

soon after my parents died of the nuclear explosion we knew we had to put thing back where they were. The guys vowed to be forever in the team and so did I.

I started tearing up in the memory of this.

"Hey Marcy!" Luke yelled.

"look what I've found!"

I reach into the box of junk in there was a bunch of old body parts of useless robots parts and pink bubble gum.Under all of that was a rifle Gun,old and rustic, it was my dad's gun. I've always wondered why he used a banana for fighting off the the goblins away instead of this, they were probably allergic like vampires are allergic to pumpkin spice or garlic.

"look at the side-" Jay pointed out,"There something carved in the handle."

He was right. It said...sorry it's a bit scratched.....ummm, I think it says"My anaconda don't want none unless u shake it off #the haters gonna hate..."  Woaw dad really?

The boys laughed harder than a hyena on a tickle machine. I stared at them but they keep laughing again.So I decided to do the easiest way to get their attention.

"ahh pew pew" I shot the rifle at one of the old swings.

They stared, not at me but the gun's amo. I looked at the the gun's shots direction.

"I'll get it!" Jay ran to the swing.

It was a map attached to the bullet. Our eyes whidened. Then our startled faces turned into excitement. Luke grabbed the map off Jays hands.

"there's a riddle at the back"He cleared his throat,"many days past,many months past, many years past. But the person will never past, the death is upon you..."

We looked at eachother and we shared the same concered face.

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