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"Centuries before the rise of the human existence. Those who rule the galaxies separate each world into three dimensions. One is for the mortals, two is for those who hold great magic and three is those who are clouded with the greatest darkness. In the world of the power of magic, Gods and Goddesses came down from the dark ocean of stars. They had summoned different elements of magic and blessed those who are worthy of their power.

The ones who are blessed bestowed their blood to their offspring, passing the magic in each generation. As centuries have gone by, the holder of magics prevailed with adequate heaps of power. The magic carries on for it has given life to every people who's live but, as the magic increases- darkness began to crawl from the ground consuming each of those who held powers to their palms.

It was the beginning of human history when darkness evolves around the sun. It turned into great madness. Our dimensions were held tight by the Gods and Goddesses, but no matter what the grip was, it was torn apart. The divinities spread their wings and flew back to the stars leaving those who are hoping for the sun to set.

The foes give rise to the darkness and created a tower of dark souls. The hope that lies beneath the folks died like a blow of candlelight. But no matter how bistered our dimension has, a light always paves its way. It was only then when a woman was allotted to give birth to a soul that holds the power of light. With a heavy breath of the mother, a baby cried for its mother's touch.

The child wrapped its arm around the wand that came along with its birth. Citra was the name of the mother's child. She was out of words as she stares at her daughter. Out of a sudden, the name was pulled under her lips. 'Lyra' was the name she said for she knew that her light will flatter like the sound of a lyre. And after all, she realized that as they were still covered with the madness of their enemies, she dared to hide her daughter. The divinity had warned Citra of what was about to come in their future. As a mother, she did everything to keep her child away.

Citra was born indeed with knowledge of all the elements of magic in the world. She taught her daughter every action she could spare to acknowledge the presence of every element of magic. Lyra grew with so much passion and as she wield the wand, magic danced upon her like a wind that blows in the air. She was shining brightly as she touches the wand. She was indeed the light.

It was only then that Lyra decided to go against the enemies. She gathered leaders and troops from every Kingdom she could reach. They were doubtful of what Lyra could do but they were conceived to get a glimpse of what the future would be. Lyra was able to create a family. She was able to meet new people that were willing to fight for their freedom.

One of them was the great leaders of every kingdom throughout Zaronaria. All of them joined hands together even the very first Queens and Kings. They were invulnerable. Strong as a shield and mighty as a barrier. The whole land of Zaronaria became a field of blood and sweat. Clangs and bangs of swords echoed throughout the air. Whistles and blows came from the arrows and sharp spears came flying in the skies. It was an unending battle. And none could comprehend nor escape.

The leader of their enemies was very much unknown. He was hidden among its troops. No one knew who and what he is. But his voice was always heard throughout the whole land sending those who do not listen a deafening sound. As the war continues, Lyra who leads its light, pointed to the dark skies. Rays of light shone through the skies, paving the sun a way to peak its light. Darkness crumbled in the soil and some burned to ashes that flew in the air. Their existence disappeared. It was a proclamation of freedom.

Rejoice and cheers were followed. There wasn't a day that the land was quiet. Everything was loud and full of festive sounds. It was the start of the rise of Zaronaria. And until then, Zaronaria became a place of peace."

"Ma, how many times should you be telling her that story?" I turned to see my mother walking toward us.

"For as long as I'm here," My grandmother replied.

"Aren't you sick of telling her that story?"

"Your grandmother was always pleased to tell you that story. I remember that you'd always beg her to tell you that," I chuckled when my mother's forehead creased.

"She needs to rest Ma and you also need to rest too. Where's your handmaiden?" My mother turned to look at the door.

"Alright Miranda, I need water," Grandma stood up from her chair and look at me. She winked at me before going outside. I smiled at her.

"Come on, let's put you to sleep Harper," mother gently pulled the blanket to my chest and helped me lay down before settling down on the chair beside my bed where grandma was sitting a while ago.

"Mommy, do you think that those bad guys will come back someday?"

My mom was reaching for a book when she suddenly paused and look at me.

"Yes, Harper. It was not declared that they officially do not exist anymore. They only disappeared. So there's still a possibility that some of them still roam around Zaronaria," I pouted and pulled my blanket and covered my face.

I'm scared that the bad guys' may also come for me and my family.

"But do not be worried sweety. If that happens, Queen Lyra will come and save us," I gently pushed my blanket and felt my mother's touch caressing my hair.

"And I will always be there to protect you..."

"I want to be her, mom. She's so cool. I want to fight for freedom, for the people!" Determined I said.

"You cannot be like her, Harper. You have to be your own You. Do you know what makes Queen Lyra unique?" I shake my head.

"It's because she believes in herself. She didn't want to be like anyone, she only wanted to be herself and that goes for you. Be who you are. Be truthful and courageous."

"Then, I believe in myself!"

"Now, how about you go to sleep?" My mother leaned herself at me and kiss me on the forehead before I close my eyes.

"Someday, you'll be the next light of Zaronaria."

I woke up with my mother's voice calling my name. I could barely catch my breath. It was like running in a marathon but was immediately pulled back like drowning myself in the waters. The feeling was so confusing that it started to overwhelm my body.

I felt the cold hard cobblestone floor beneath me that I found myself sitting on while my mother was gently shaking me by the shoulders. Beside her stood Sebastian, he stares at me the way my mother is giving me right now, fear and concern.

I tried to speak, tried to mutter a single and low sound but nothing came out of my mouth. My tongue is dry and my throat is sore. I tried to juggle my head about what happened and where I am, but as I looked around a huge door was standing behind us. Its doors were shut. The place was dim. Torches were hanging around the walls but they didn't give enough justice to brighten the whole place.

My eyes felt tired. I was already fighting the urge to close my eyes until I heard heavy footsteps and saw five palace guards. running towards us. I was still confused as to what was happening until I found myself settled in a bed.

"What happened harper?"

My mother asked but I was oblivious to her question.

I remember nothing...

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