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"There are no rules here – we're trying to accomplish something

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"There are no rules here – we're trying to accomplish something." Thomas Edison

Don't like rules? well who likes them .. but can we  have fun following the rules and accomplish our motives ? If so then the ones interested to get affiliated with us can go through the following rules . 

! A permanent follow to the founders of the community and we will do the same. 

! You need to add our community book and all our upcoming project in your reading list and will also do. 

!You need to give shoutout to our upcoming projects and place our community name under your affiliates if u have any. 

!Mention us in your bio and will do the same 

!Will be giving only 3 shout-outs per week to your projects and expect the same from you 

!You need to have discord and if you don't u should be willing to download one for easy communication

!If we share any ideas and suggestions for your future projects we expect u to credit us in bio or in that particular chapter and we will do the same.


! All your suggestions are welcomed but only in PM or DISCORD.

!You cannot show your hatred in our comment section . we expect a smooth relationship 

!We expect you to keep our works/discussions secret. You need to be trustworthy with us. 

!We expect you to be active in wattpad and if we find you inactive for more than 2 months will cancel our affiliation with you. 

!You cannot directly communicate with any of our members and be rude to them. you need to deal with we founders first! 

!We don't do any sort of plagiarism .  Do not do any false accusations of us. come to us let us know first and will do the same .

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