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excuse any mistakes, enjoy💙!!

A/N: To all my new readers don't read my book(s) around others you don't know what might pop up😉😭- Management👩🏾‍⚖️.

A/N: To all my new readers don't read my book(s) around others you don't know what might pop up😉😭- Management👩🏾‍⚖️

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July 18th, 2021: 12 p.m.

"Kai baby be careful" I said grabbing her hand before she could fall.

"Yes ma'am..Moooove Lolo" she said smiling then she started running from Loyal.

"Blu come on we finna go smoke" Giovanni said coming out of the room in some sweats and a white tank top looking sexy as hell.

"You need to stop getting my son high" I said then he walked over to me and kissed me then he rubbed my belly.

"It's not gone kill em, but we'll be back" he said kissing my forehead.

"Come give daddy kisses" he said then the kids walked over to him then he bent down then they kissed him.

"Tank you I'll be back y'all help y'all mama cook" he said then they nodded their heads.

"Yes sir" Kai said smiling.

"You finna help too" Loyal asked with his head to the side causing us to laugh.

"Yea after me and Blu come back" he said then he nodded his head.

"Alright" Loyal said then he rubbed Blu's head.

"Can you put them on the counter since you almost died when I picked them up the other day" I said looking at him then he picked both of them up at the same time and placed them on the kitchen counter.

"Because you don't need to be lifting none, and Gunna should be here at like 2 sum he got some plays to make" he said causing me to nod my head.

"Bet, gone do what you and Blu was finna do" I said smiling then he nodded his head.

"Come on Blu" he said then he whistled then he walked to the balcony door and opened letting Blu out first then he closed the door behind them.

"Ok, y'all what's the first thing we do when we get in the kitchen" I asked looking in the kitchen.

"Ouuu me, me" Kai said raising her hand.

"Kai" I said smiling.

"Wash yo nasty hands Kairi" she said tryna sound like Giovanni causing me to bust out laughing.

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