there is no frikken way i'm a ... ! (part one)

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My name is zigs. I'm a girl of 17. I have never been kissed. I am semi-popular and I get good grades. I hate my full name. I fight with my friends when they act stupid but I love them dearly. All in all i'm pretty normal, right? Wrong!

My parents abandoned me when I was a baby. Leaveing me on the steps of some rich family who couldn't have kids, talk about a cliche. Unfortunately they didn't forget to name me first. So thats how I ended up with. The name ''zelique'' (pronounced : zayliek) weird huh? My adoptive family calls me zigs though, and so does everyone who wants their heads to stay attached to their necks. As a laugh, me and some friends once tried to look it up. Needless to say we where not impressed when we found a site that said that the greek deity, artimis, was once forced to give up her demigod daughter, zelique, because half gods cant stay on olympis until they are 18 summers old. We laughed it off and didnt pay attention to it. We did find a meaning though, it means ''child of the hunter'' which is weird.

They all soon forget about it, apart from Storm, who still calls me huntress sometimes, but then again? He is totally insane! Okay, so he is my best friend ( that means he is definately a weirdo) but sometimes he acts like he is from a different planet, or time period. Seriously, guys dont open doors for girls anymore, or stand when they enter a room, or wait to start eating till the girl has...

Okay, so he only does those things for me, but then again, he is my best friend!

So anyway. Today is the 12th of december. Exactly 1 week untill my 18th birthday! I'm super duper excited.


I hear my alarm going off and then a groan from the end of my bed. I grin and stick my ice cold foot right onto Storms exposed side. He roars out a curse and falls off the bed. While i'm laughing, his head pops up to look at meand my breath catches , before I burst out laughing again. His blue black hair is sticking up everywhere and his startelingly bright green eyes are danceing with amusement. His straight , angular nose has a small black smudge on it. But the best bit? The bit that had me laughing? He had my fluffy slipper in his mouth and my kitten, tweety, sitting on his shoulder, batting at said slipper. I clutched my stomach as he looked at me, laughing with his eyes. I pulled myself up and scooted forward to pull it out of his mouth. His eyes went wide and he blushed, turning his face away and covering his eyes. I glanced down at my attire ''oh shit!'' I yelled and searched for my shirt. I was only wearing(very lacey and pretty) underwear, and my bra made my girl bits look huge. I pulled a random shirt from the floor over my head, noticeing vaugely that it was storms from last night but glad that it was because it would cover me completely till my thighs. ''okay dasher, its safe to look now'' I said and he raised his head, eyes still wide. Tweety jumped petitely off his shoulder and onto my bed as oreo ran into the room to jump all over storm. Tweety padded over to me and climbed up the shirt on her tiny lil paddy paws. Sitting on my shoulder she looked down at Storm, who had my puppy, oreo, sitting on his lap. A lap that was clad in... ''stormybear... Why are you wearing my sleepshorts?''i asked sweetly, smileing down at him. He raised his eyebrows and looked down at my lime green boxers with purple skulls along the bottom. He stood up slowly, shooing oreo. I watched as his muscles rippled slowly with his movements and I sucked in a sharp breath. Okay, so he is definately the hottest guy in the whole school, possible the countrey. He gets modelling contract offers almost every day. Everyone knows he's frikken hot, I know better than anyone.

(well I kinda have a ... Tiny... Itsey lil crush on him, but he can NOT find out!)

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