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July 11th, 2021: 8 a.m.

"Damn booty" Giovanni groaned as Noelle skillfully bobbed her head on him.

He hasn't felt her mouth wrapped around him in a minute because of the constant morning sickness so right now he was on a whole different planet her mouth felt so euphoric to him and it was warm and wet similar to her pussy so he loved when she went down on him.

Making eye contact with one another Giovanni groaned as he watched his dick slide in and out of her mouth with her spit coating him.

He loved when she gave him that sloppy nasty head when spit be everywhere on him, but when every thing is all finished he be all dry and that's in his opinion on how to suck a nigga dry because she be sucking the nut clean out his body then cleaning him right back up.

"Mmm" she moaned on him then she placed her left hand on his belly and the other one on his thigh then she relaxed her throat and took him all the way in her mouth then she moaned again.

"Fuuuuck" he groaned out feeling his dick and balls vibrate inside her throat causing his toes to curl.

Swirling her tongue around his balls she lifted her head all up to catch a breath then she looked down and saw a whole bunch of spit on his shit.

Grabbing his dick with one hand she began stroking him while kissing his tip.

"B-baby fuck" he moaned softly.

She knew his body so well just like he knew hers and she knows his tip is really sensitive and his balls.

"Mmm that feels good daddy" she asked then she swirled her tongue around his tip picking her all his precum causing him to ball his fist up.

"Yes" he panted looking at her with furrowed eyebrows.

"Mmm" she moaned softly only sucking on his tip while she continued stroking him.

"Mamas go down fuck" he groaned then he put his hand on her head and pushed her head down on him.

The feeling felt so good that it was starting to hurt.

Lifting her head back up she slapped his dick against her tongue.

"Who sucking yo dick me or you, hmm" she asked with her head to the side because who told him to touch her.

"You" he replied breathing heavy.

"So let me do me don't touch me again, understand" she asked squeezing his tip with a firm grip but not hard causing his hips to buck.

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