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(switch the apartment to 4 bedrooms and 3 baths)

Kelie_29  on the edit again 🥰.

Kelie_29  on the edit again 🥰

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July 5th, 2021: 12 p.m.

"Pookie stop fucking with them gloves" Booty said causing me to put em down.

"I'm yo doctor I'm finna inspect yo pussy" I said then I opened her legs.

"Ok you have slight swelling, hmm who been beating up yo kitty" I said then she busted out laughing.

"Move" she said laughing then she closed her legs.

"Spill the tea sis who been beating this kitty up" I said looking at her with my lips tooted up then she started laughing harder.

"Chiiillee this nigga name Ghost but he let me call him by his real name because I wasn't finna call him by his street name and we finna get married and have a baby so we finna have a total of three kids together and he so handsome and just a real man and I love him so much" she said causing me to cheese.

"I love you so much more beautiful" I said kissing her then I put her legs back down.

"Pookie what if I'm pregnant right now and we don't even know" she asked looking at me.

"Then my wish would be coming true because I been wishing pregnancy on you for a lil minute now" I said being completely honest then she started laughing.

"Oh my gosh you sound like one of them toxic ass baby daddies yo" she said laughing causing me to laugh.

"Knock, knock" her doctor said the door opened.

"Sorry it took so long we had to redo your test a couple of times" the doctor said.

"Is something wrong" Booty asked with her eyebrows furrowed.

"No, but congratulations you're six weeks pregnant so we'll be taking your birth control implant out today and get you started on prenatals and then set you up an appointment" she said causing my jaw to drop.

"YESSSSSIIIIRR BABY WE FINNA HAVE A BABY" I said excitedly getting up from my chair then I started crip walking.

"Don't mind him, but wow I just told him what if I was pregnant without us knowing now look I'm really pregnant, c'mere pookie" Booty said smiling big then I walk over to her then she poked her lips out then I bent down and kissed them.

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