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excuse any mistakes, enjoy💙!!

Co0chieCUTTER picked the number for the blow up so if y'all have a problem with it suck our dicks respectfully😗.

Co0chieCUTTER picked the number for the blow up so if y'all have a problem with it suck our dicks respectfully😗

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June 9th, 2021: 9 a.m.

"Baby let's calculate these numbers since we ain't do it the other day we only posted" I said walking inside the living room with the iPad.

"Ok, Blu get down" Noelle said then Blu hopped off the couch.

It's Wednesday so the kids at daycare and Noelle and I are chilling for now because later today we finna go look at a couple buildings we found.

"Yea bitch get down" I said mugging him then he started growling while Noelle laughed.

"Stop talking to our son like that" she said then I got in between her legs.

"He disrespectful he ain't supposed to talk back" I said then she busted out laughing.

"Pookie I ain't finna play with you today talking bout he disrespectful" she said laughing then I started laughing.

"He is buts that's my lil nigga we be getting high together now, but we gotta whole bunch of new subscribers to our fan page because them notifications been going crazy" I said then she started rubbing my head.

"I got my calculator ready" she said then I logged into our account and my jaw dropped.

"Baby bye what the fuck we number one on this shit mamas, and we got 8 million views all these horny ass people" I said in complete shock then I pointed to the number then she rubbed her eyes and her eyes grew.

"Bye what the fuck pookie 8,910,112 people viewed our shit" she said then she covered her face.

"Baby we fucking did it yo this surpassed our goals deadass, but you know we still gotta make more videos just because" I said then I turned around and hovered over her then I uncovered her face and started kissing her all over her face.

"I love you so much pookie" she said smiling big then she kissed me passionately then after awhile we both pulled away.

"I love you more booty" I said then I wiped her tears.

"You know I'm emotional" she said causing me to laugh.

"Yea, I know baby it's ok I'm shook asf like baby we really reached our first mill together like if that ain't motherfucking relationship goals ion know what is" I said then she started smiling.

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