Chapter 1: A New Day, A New Range

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Nolan shuffles around preparing breakfast. It's been a year since they departed and while in stasis, him, Nichol, and Adevan were dropped off into their new home. It had 2 bedrooms, one with a single bed and 1 with a bunk bed, a bathroom, and a main area that combined the kitchen, dining room, and living room all in one area. Nolan was the first one up, and had been placed on the bottom bunk. Adevan was placed above him and Nichol got her own room.

Nolan soon hear a door open and turns around to see Nichol wall drowsily in with her pjs still on. He greets her with a "Good morning" and she mumbles back in response. "I made all of us breakfast" Nolan says. "A year in stasis will make anyone starving". He whips around with a plate of scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, and bacon. Nichol quickly grabs a serving of the food while Nolan plates up his own food. Adevan comes out and instantly jumps to plate his food. "Man you must've been hungry" Nolan says. "Yeah! I've been fed liquid food for the past year!" Adevan replies as he scarfs down his breakfast.

Once everyone is settled, Nolan reads their VacPac's instruction manual. "So if we press this toggle, it forms a stream of vacuumed air, while this toggle shoots out air. These buttons here switch tanks. These panels display our health shields and energy reserves, Oh and this is our slimepedia! It displays info of slimes, resources, areas, and a bunch of other stuff. We also have this flashlight for when it gets dark, radar incase we get lost, and these 2 buttons that seem to not work right now". "Is that all? I wanna ranch slimes already!" Nichol says in agitation. "Hey, remember the reason we got this so cheap is cause it was fairly run down. 7Zee even had to repair several parts of the ranch" Adevan said, trying to calm Nichol down. Nolan continues on Adevan's statement. "Yeah, we're actually required to buy back those areas. We'll need to learn how to ranch slimes to be able to pay for anything! We'll also have to farm our own food as they gave us limited rations and breakfast this morning already used up alot of it". "Well you do have a point. I guess learning how to ranch is important. Man we are gonna have to learn alot. I mean, you all know how much I love slimes but I never really focused on the ranching aspects. I never thought I'd see a slime in real life let alone become a rancher" says Nichol, complaining about something that the other 2 could relate to. "Yeah, I guess that's true of all of us" Adevan states as Nolan agrees.

Breakfast has passed and the trio waddle outside. Seeing a rundown ranch, Nichol felt a little discouraged. Until, she saw it. Its round shape, its coral hue, its pin-point eyes and dopey grin! A pink slime! She squealed in amazement and leaped at the blob to hug it. Then said blob slipped out of her hands like wet soap. She didn't know slimes were so slippery. Noland and Adevan laughed at her as she tried to grab it once more before accidentally launching it directly into her face. "Nichol, we have the vac pacs for a reason". "Well I just wanted to get to know what we are dealing with". "That's nice and all but we need to clean up this place. Nichol, gather all these crops and chickens around here. I'll vac up the slimes and toss them into the coral. Adevan, try finding other sources of food on the range". As they all left to do their tasks, one cpuld only wonder what's in store.

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