Chap 1.

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Title: The Beginnings and the Starting Line.

You grew up, revisiting your second childhood. As a toddler, you were smarter than ever. Yeah, you committed suicide right after you graduated college as a nerd. Found a bit impressive, but was a burden in your eyes. You were a top ranker in studies, but never in social. You only speak sushi, or whatever Toge speaks. Unless it was activating a so called "quirk". But you'd rather use the extra sign language lessons from the past and put it to use. Sadly, toddlers were dumber than a carrot and didn't understand you right after you enhanced your quirk.

"Why did M/n-kun stop talking and talks about food instead? And.. does hand sign thingies?"

A toddler asked the sensei.

"You see, M/n-kun here had just claimed his quirk. But sadly, his quirk doesn't maintain actual words. Please accept him till now."

"Wow.. That's a weird quirk M/n! But I still respect you, don't worry!"

The toddler smiled and you just bowed. And smiled back at them.

Few years pass, you were on your last two weeks of middle school, and you were being told to pick high schools you decide to enroll.

"Hey Entity dude, which high school do I attend now?"

"I recommend U.A High M/n. Your brother's power may be trained well there."

It replied. You sigh and write the name. It was about the time to be dismissed in school, although some students stayed to submit their papers early. While you were the student doing the same.

You stood up from your seat and went to the teachers lounge, spotting your teacher speaking with the other advisers. You continue to walk over to the teachers desk,

(When the words are Italic, You are using sign language or talking to the Entity. Bold for normal words)

"Sensei, I have decided on the school I'm transferring to once I graduate."

You grinned slightly while your teacher nodded and took the paper from you.

"Thank you M/n-kun."

You bow and left the lounge.

Teacher's POV.

"Which school did the student enroll to?"

The other sensei spoke. He, who was holding the paper, read the following school.

"It's U.A, I think he'd pass there don't you think?"

"True, he's a special kid."

They complimented the student and continued their previous conversation.

M/N's POV.

M/n was walking down the hall, and reaching the front of the school and changed his inside shoes. Leaving the school, you went home. Yes, technically you weren't born from a mother, since the Entity wasn't that advanced and just reborn you as a baby in some apartment. You probably already knew how to walk by the age of 1. Crawling were the thing that only kept you somewhat alive, though you did curse at the Entity for making you suffer.

OF COURSE the Entity helped, it gave you resources but there wasn't anything else it could do. Living by yourself was hard, and not being able to socialize has some troubles of gaining friends. And for the following two weeks, you officially graduated middle school. It wasn't tough with the studies but, the disadvantage of not having to talk is totally out of hand.



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