A year later....

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Some things changed...
Korra managed to drive the Satomobil just fine, she found a job with Lin and Mako as a Police officer cleaning the city from theives (as she always wanted). But also Tenzin though it would be a good idea for her to be in the meetings Council with him as he is the new chairman, he wanted the Avatar to be in contact with the political issues of the city and the community. Eventually, she accepted and became the representative of both Southern and Northern Water Tribe.

Asami continued working in Future Industry's and started a new line of motorbikes for the people who like to race. And with the help of her girlfriend, they opened a public race as a stadium for motorbike lovers (benders or non-benders) to enjoy a new sport.

Bolin finished his new film as a detective and Varrick was going to do the premier in the new city cinema in 3 days. It was enormous it had 16 rooms with capacity for 274 people each. It was going to be amazing.
As people in Republic city knew the Avatar was homosexual, many people who were hiding it started to show it, then Korra and the meeting thought it would be great they could marry, so they made the new law.

Korra had been thinking lately, and she thought it would be a good time to ask Asami if she wanted to make their relationship formal. The thing was, the Avatar was nervous about it. She knew Asami loved her, but 'did she wanted to marry her? Or maybe she wanted to wait longer'- she thought. Anyway, if she said no, she will gladly wait until the right moment so she was drove Asami to a nice place where she could talk to her alone, because in the house there were always butlers disturbing.

It was on a hill, where you could see the entire city and the sky as well. "Where are we?"-Asami asked.
"On a quiet place"- Korra answered nervously -"You see,uhm I gotta ask you something".
"What is it?"- Asami asked concerned as noticing that Korra was nervous.
"I-I have b-been wondering i-if you ever wwanted to m-marry me or have kids".
"Korra, I don't know why do get so nervous. Honey, of course I wanna do all of them with you".
"R-really? I'm sorry I was nervous, I just didn't know what you were going to say". So she took out from her pocket a little box and give it to her while opening it. Asami couldn't believe it.

"Asami, do you want to marry me?"- Korra asked once again more formally.
"Yes!"- said Asami with tears in her eyes-"O-of course I want to marry you dummy".
"Oh come here darling"-said Korra very happy while holding her fiancée.

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