At the park

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The next morning we woke up at the same time!
'Good(yawn)morning princess!'- Justin said while stretching
'Good morning babe'- I said as I kissed his lips, softly!
'I'm hungry!'- he said
'Me too'- I agreed-'I'll go bake us breakfast!'- I said to him
'No! we are going out! your blood exams are tomorrow!I don't know why I said that but I just fell like I should take you out for breakfast!'- he said
'Ok! Where do you wanna go?'- I asked
'Maybe... Oh! There is a really good restaurant called "Gingers"! It's really good! Fun fact, there is only ginger people working there!'- he said
'Hahaha! sounds fun and like a good idea!'- I said
'Ok, go get dressed! I'll do the same!'- he said
'Ok'- and so I went get dressed! I was only wearing my knickers that i put yesterday after we... yeah! so I went over to the bathroom and...
Shit!!! I'm on my period! did I get on my period yesterday? Fuck! what if I did? we didn't use a condom!
'Babe!'- I called Justin
'Yes'- he answered as he came over to me
'I'm on my period! But, I don't know if I was already on my period before, so...'- I said
'So you're saying you might be pregnant?'- he asked worried
'...Maybe...!'- I answered scared about his reaction
'...Awesome! We will finally build our own family!!'- he said happy and exited!
'Justin! I'm fucking 16! I don't wanna show up at "16 and pregnant"show! what the fuck!'- I said
'It's fine babe, we will be happy! I mean, as long as we have each other and the love we feel for each other, we're good! And I understand if you are not ready, but if you really are pregnant, are you going to give an abortion?'- he asked scared
'Well... if you put things like that... No!'- I answered
'Than every thing will be fine!'- he said smiling
'Well, ok!'- I said
'Good! Than continue getting dressed, we have to hurry up!'- he said
I swear to God that I have never seen a boy like this! He is so supportive! And he makes everything seem so easy when in reality... it's not! I have such good luck! who knew that my sisters friend's boyfriend, A.K.A my biggest crush, would of actually be my boyfriend and fiancé! but, if you see things mg way, I stole my sisters friend's boyfriend and yet she's still my friend! + I'm 16 and I'm worried about being pregnant when a 16 should be worried about school! And getting fucking married! 16 and married, with an 18 yr. old! How life can change!
Ok, I'm ready! we are going out for breakfast and than I will buy a pregnancy test!
Ok! I'm ready!
'Babe! I'm ready!'- I scram so Justin would hear me from downstairs!
'Ok! I'm waiting here for you!'- he shouted from downstairs
I went downstairs and he was waiting for me t the bottom of the stairs! I jumped from the stairs to his arms!
He brought me to the car in his arms!
'Very well missy! Now let's go over to "Gingers"!'- He said with a British accent
'(Laugh) Why yes sir!'- I said repeating his accent!
We both laughed and he drove us to the restaurant!
'Hello sir! Did you reserve a table?'- the waitress asked
'No!'- Justin answered
'Well, you will have to wait! You still don't have a table to...'- the waitress was cut of by a tall handsome man in a black suit!
'Yes, they do Sandra! They are my guests!'- the man said
'Josh! Shit! Haven't seen YOU in a long time!'- Justin said
'Hey big J! Sup? Who's the pretty girl?'- he asked
'Oh, yeah! She's Mary, my Girlfriend!'- he said
'Fiancé!'- I added
'Fuck bro! Excuse me!'- he apologized-' you're getting married?! What about Matilda?'- he asked
'We broke up when I started dating Mary!'- he answered
'Well, let me lead you guys to your table!'- he said
'You said only gingers worked here! He's not ginger!'- I whispered to Justin
'Well, I didn't know he worked here!'- he whispered
I sat down on the table!
'Stay here, I'm just gonna talk to Josh! We don't see each other for a LONG time!'
'Ok! I'll be waiting for you!'- i said winking


I left Mary. Ah! My beautiful Mary! I have never seen a girl so pretty, generous and funny!
I went over to Josh that was looking at me!
'Hey bruh! Haven't seen you in a long time man!'- I said to Josh
' Me neither, you little bitch!'- he said while rubbing my head-'hey, I don't think you should of break up with Matilda! I mean, you're dating a girl that is like... 2 years younger than you? Yeah!'- he said
'Well, I love her and we are getting married! And she said she was on her period yesterday when we fucked, no condom style!'- I said to Josh and his jaw dropped!
'So... you are getting married and having a baby with her?!? WTF! Why don't you do that with Matilda?'- he asked
'Why do you want me to be with Matilda so much?'- I asked
'Because... I wanted to have the same relationship you guys had!'
'With who?'- I asked him
'With her!'- he answered
'With Mary?'- I asked
'No! With... Matilda!'- he answered
'So... you- you liked Matilda when I was... dating her?'- I asked, surprised
'But than you should be happy! We broke up! Now's your chance!'- I said smiling
'But... I know she still has strong feelings for you! We won't feel the same!'- he said
'It's fine! Go ahead bruh! c'mon!'- I said
'You think so?'
'Yes! But I have to go back to Mary now!'- I said as I went over to Mary


OMG! He's coming! I don't know why, but when he comes to me with that beautiful face and enormous sympathy and that body and that hotness! God! I melt so bad when I'm with him! You know that feeling that you feel when you have a crush for a guy for the first time? I feel that Every minute when I'm with him!
'Hey babe, where you thinking about me?'- he asked while smirking, winking and then laughing!
'Haha, so funny !'- I said in sarcasm, but I was thinking about him!
'So, d'you order yet?'-he asked as he sat down on his chair
'Yes! I asked for Pancakes and waffles with chocolate'- I answered
'Cool!'- he said
So, we ate and we decided to go out at the park!
He payed the bills for us! And so, we went to the park and we were holding our hands! we sat on the bench! He kissed my cheeks! I blushed!
'Aw! I love when you get shy!'- he said softly, making eye contact with me, looking at my lips than back to my eyes! He was gonna kiss me!
'I'm gonna kiss you!'- he said
I knew it! But, I want to kiss him! he brushed his soft lips on mine and slowly inserted his tung on my mouth!
'What are you doing?'- a little girl asked when we were kissing
'Oh, hi! Umm... we were just... kissing each other!'- Justin answered the little girl
'Ewwww!!! WHAT THE FUCK?'- the little girl said
'Ahhh! Sweaty! Have manors!'- her sister said-'I'm sorry for her!'- she apologized for her sister
'Oh, it's fine! Are you her sister?'- I asked
'Oh no! I'm her mother.'- she said with a calm voice!
Wow! She looks so young to have a girl in her 6 yrs. old!
'Wow! You look too young to have a child!'- Justin said
'Justin!'- I said
'What?'- he laughed
'It's ok! It was an accident! A good accident! You know, I'm just 17!'- she said
Wow! was she raped or something? WTF? Well, she sure does teach her daughter really well!
After that they left and we decided to go home.


Hi guys! sorry, it was a bit boring, but I just didn't have inspiration and my friend didn't send me anything! But, I promise I will try my best I. The next chapter! <3 u guys

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