Untitled Part 1

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  • Dedicated to Dominick Jeffries

I watched it, i watched his eyes turn black & his demon wings tear though his skin so much it exposed his shoulder blades. He looked at me smiled then sighs & looks away. I ask him " what's wrong?' he looks at me againg & says " i was sent here by lucifer himself to kill you, but, I can't"  i ask him " why?" He looks at me with a tear of blood rolling down his cheeck & says " i love you " he started to cry even more I walked over to him sat on his lap & said " i love you too"  i picked up his head wipped away the tears of blood witch had left a faint reddish stain on his face & i kissed him. He pulled me close holding me i could feel his body heat boil against mine & knowing tat he loved me so much to tell me what he was supposed to do to me that i couldn't keep it from him i had to tell him that i'm not human that i have to tell him what i am until he said " oh, my god babe you're freezing!"  I sighed Then said " i know, & i have to tell you something too" he says with a little concern " what is it babe?" i started again but i was very hesitant but then i just came out with it i spit it out " i'm a vampire" I turned away i was so ashamed. Ashamed of what he would think of me now ashamed that he would no longer love me, i was ashamed of... the truth. But , to my surprise he picks my head up & looks at me in the eyes & says " dont worry my pressious child of balume i will love you for as long as i live for all eternity" sealing it with a kiss. Feeling his hot lips against my cold, lifeless ones filled me with such joy..... Compassion for & with him that i couldn't help but say with a sigh of relife " take me" gladly he took that as an invatation witch of cource i accepted sliping his tongue into my mouth i granted it access ten he pulled away just to say ' i'm i love with you " i look away again Saying with such dissapoinment in myself  " but how could you  be in love with such a cold lifeless "soul" like me?" he pulled me closer than before & says " because baby you're the one i've been waiting for my whole cursed life " going back to kissing me while hes holding me just above my ass & by my neck  embrassing  my body with bold, brod lust & compassion slipping his tonue back into my mouth messaging mine hoping to get a responce witch i did respond then i pulled away to say ' baby your wish is my command.  

                                                                                THE END!

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