Untitled Part 2

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The other days: He found out that another person was a vampire to so he was trying to find he or she to see is it really a vampire so he use his senses to smeel to find so he kept looking all over and when he finds her then he was talking to her in a meaning ful way untils the full moon ends so when it has ends they talked regular and it was a girl vampire name is sara and she didn't know that he was a vampire .

so they became friends and went to the same school and start talking to people so Heath said, "hey you guy's how are you" so the other friends said, "hey" then sara said, "what you guy's up to ". then they siad, "did you guy's changed because ya'll seem weird all of sudently". sara said, "no we ok we just became friends".

Heath wanted to talk about something but he was so nervouse that his other friedns would might not care about him nomore so he ask sara should he tell them or not then sara said yes so Heath said, "guy's I have something to tell ya'll, That day when I was walking somewhere then something hits or bite me then I had change to a vampire". The other friends said, "wow omg how comes I thought that wasn't real". Heath said, "yeah I quess its real".

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