Dear Darren,

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Dear Darren,

I love the neklace you gave me it is beautiful. Im sorry ive been so set on believing that you would ever leave me. I love you and i know you love me. We will be together forever, and i kniw you truly do love me. Youve made my life so much better. Since i got that becjlace i havent took it off. Thank you for loving me because i really love you. Wow its odd that me and you want the same amount of children. Ive always dreamed of having four girls and two boys. I totally agree with you on getting engaged. I would never turn you down because i want to grow old with you. You are my life, and i love you. Ive probaby put i love you in this letter a hundred times, but i feel like i dont tell you enough. I cant wait till you get here because we have alot of catching up to do. Oh yeah i dyed my hair black the other day, and it has gotten way longer so i hope you like it. Mariah is excited about meeting rusty. She has never had a boyfriend and is looking forward to getting one. Anyways i must go now darling. I love you very much!!!

Love Lulu


A/N: hello fellow readers sorry my chapters have been shorter my phone has been turned off so i have to type on a computer quickly. Anyways i must go now.

Goodbye my lovelies

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