Little One (Attack on Titan)

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Come now, little one.

We've no need to think of the past.

Yes, our family may be gone.

Our friends too.

But for today, we see the sea.

And we live for them.

We cannot live for them,

If we stay back when we are young.

Isabel, Farlan, Petra and the rest.

We must live our lives, for them.

Remember them, but do not dwell upon their deaths.

Remember your friends.

But do not allow their deaths to over-run your life.

They look upon you, smiling.

Happy that you live for the day,

Happy that you have yet to join them.

Come now, little one.

Do not cry.

They are happy that you are alive.

Make the ones who took them from you pay.

Kill every last one of them until the day,

You can see your friends, your squad,

Yet again.

Let your life, be theirs as well.



Scare the cadets with a grin.

Let the scientist do a little experiment upon you.

Just remember,

What you do may be for them,

but it must also be for yourself.

Protect the boy at all costs,

Just your squad did.

Make sure that you protect yourself

too, little one.

Little one, come on now.

The day has come.

The day you join them.

You watch the boy,

He screams "Corporal!"

But, there is no use in it.

You look down upon yourself.

"Filthy" you mutter at your muddy, bloodstained body

Then, out of the corner of your eye,

You see someone cover their mouth as if to giggle.

You look.

Petra, Oluo, Eldo, Isabel, and Farlan.

Standing there happily.

You turn fully and join the group.

Hugging, smiling and peaceful.

You turn around at the word "Corporal" again.

It is muttered by the same boy you died to protect.

He stands behind you, wide eyed with fear and confusion.

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