chapter 2: the bad news

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hey guys, sorry i only titled the first chapter "chapter one" i totally forgot to put " chapter 1: the first kiss." anyways this chapter has more p.o.v's and more drama, i hope XD

Lauren's P.O.V

       ever since me and camila kissed yesterday for the FIRST time, i have been smiling like an idiot every time she walked-wait, no, every time i thought about her, which was pretty much every second. anyways me and the girls had just got to our studio where we were meeting our manager cause he said he had bad news for us and we were all nervous and worried as hell. we walked in and we saw him already with a worried expression on his face. we ran up to him and me and camila said at the same time "whats the bad news??" and when we said that at the same time all 6 of us laughed. but, jason (i just made that up), didn't look to amused. he sighed and looked at me and camila with a even more worried look on his face. me and camz looked at each other like we were gonns cry we're almost 100% sure he's gonna tell us to break up. but if he does, how'd he even find out? he sighed again and said "im sorry girls, i know whats going on between you guys and it hurts me to say this, it really does, cause trust me i hate doing this to people who are in love but..." he took a deep breath and said 5 words i never wanted to hear from anyone, "you need to break up." my heart skipped a few beats.

Jason's P.O.V

        i saw the way camila and lauren looked at each other and it killed me to say they need to break up...but they have too, cause i know what it's like to be dating someone in a band you're in also. you first look at each other a lot during concerts and gets the fans wild up, mad and curious. mad because maybe they shipped you with someone else in the band and when you look at each other constently during concerts, they'll think you guys like each other then they'll say to the person they dont like, all kinds of hate because they took blah blah blah away from blah blah blah  (if the fav is dating a person in a band that you didn't ship together.) i couldn't risk them getting hurt. they looked at me and started crying. "b-but, why?" camila chocked out. i sighed and explained the whole thing and they were just crying hysterical. i felt so bad...

i hope you guys liked this one, i didn't feel like writing more P.O.V's so i just did two. but do you guys like the drama ones? comment below what i should do for my third chapter. byeeee <3

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