Part: 1 "The start"

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Meanwhile in Mika and Erwin's House:

"BROOO!!!!" Mika said in a Loud noise "what do you want? i'm doing something!" Erwin said Angerily ((i Really need spelling Bee..)) "Zerre's having a party on Freddy Fazbear's Pizza! Can we come?" Mika said Happily, "No."Erwin said in a boring voice "Please!" Mika said in a pleasing voice

"No." "Please?" "No." "please?" "No. "PLEEEEEEAZEEE" mika said in a long voice "Ok fine we're going there if mom lets us." Erwin said a bit angerily voice "I hope mom doesn't say yes.." Erwin whispered his self

"I HEARD THAT!" Mika said loudly "grr.." erwin said angerily Down Stairs At The Living Room "Moom can we go to Zerre's party?" Mika said Happily "Umm..." Said her mom "say no!" erwin said in his mind "say yes!" mika said in her mind and they keep repeating it. "say no!","say yes!","say no!","say yes!" Then they're mom speaked "umm..Okay!" They're mom said happily "Yes!" mika said super happily "NO!!" Erwin said saddly "But we're gonna buy some clothes! that means...SHOPPING!!" They're mom said Happily.."..." mika was silent because she was shocked "See...I told you.." Erwin said in a bit angerily and sad voice

In Zerre's and Hilary's House:

"Happy Birthday Big bro!" Hilary Said with a big smile in her face "Heh...Thanks sis..." Zerre said in a bit worringly tone "Anything wrong big bro?" Hilary said in a worringly tone "Um!..Yeah Everything is fine Nothings wrong with your brother! heh.." zerre said with a Sarcasm "Bro....Tell me im you're little sis! Is it m-" Zerre quickly closed Hilary's mouth before she said Mika's name "Be Quiet!....I just...i just hope she comes to my Party.." Zerre said in a Bit sad tone Zerre Sighed Then Hilary Talks to comfort her brother "Bro Don't be sad...I mean she and her brother might come... well...they might not..." Zerre hugged her little sister hilary was shocked hilary Hugs back "Thank you sis..i'm so glad you're my sister.." Zerre Tearing up a bit

"Anyway! Lets go to sleep! or we Shall explore the Seven Seas!" Zerre said in a happily tone "Oh yay! I hope theres's no sharks Cap'n!" They both giggled

They both we're about about going to sleep but hilary asked a question. "Bro...." Hilary said in a worringly tone "what is it lassie?" Zerre said in a confused tone "Mika and erwin might be buying their outfits for your birthday tomorrow But do you have an outfit yet?" Hilary said in asky tone xD then zerre Answers "Umm.....i don'k know....maybe tomorrow we're gonna buy some to!" Zerre said while smiling Then Hilary said something  "And one more Thing....Mika is like a Big sis to me..Well sometimes.." Hilary said that Sadly and a bit Worringly "Oh...Well Maybe Tomorrow!" Zerre said Happily "Now lets go to sleep or the Sharks will eat us me lassie!" Zerre Said super happy and a bit tired They both giggled and go back to sleep.


Hey! Mika Here! just saying a message that this is like FNaF But me and my classmates Are Roleplaying it! Imma say this again We like Bonnie a girl why? Because Hilary is gonna be bonnie.. if you want i can say the cast!

Mika-Chica | Zerre-Foxy | Hilary-Bonnie | Erwin-Freddy

Our names are gonna be Diffrent but i wont spoil it! so bye!

P.S Sorry if its short.                                                                                                                                                                

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