The invite

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I sat on my bed looking through my laptop than i hear a knock on the door "come in" i yell. Kyle walks in "hey" he says.

"Hey whats up" i put down the laptop while he sits down.

"I got invited to warped tour for the summer, and i want u to come" he looked at me.

"I will love to, just my mom might not let me just go to places for the whole summer just like that"

"Lets ask, i cant be without you for two full months"

I smile at him "fine, lets go ask" i get up and look at him and kiss his ckeek we both smile and walk downstairs. "Mom"

"Yeah sweetie"

"Kyle invited me to warped tour, may i go?"

She looked at us and stayed quite for a while "for two months?"


She look at us ''I won't be able to let u go somewhere for so long"

I look at my mom "mom, please"

"No" she said and looked at Kyle "Kyle, I think u should go home now" she looks at him.

He nods and looks at me "bye, I'll come say good bye tomorrow" he kissed me on the check and let go of my hand and walked out of my house.
I look over at my mom "why?"
"I cant--"
"don't, just, don't talk to me" I walk up to my room and slam the door.

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