"Tell me Ryan! I know you saw my flower, what about the fact you used to love me?" I said while pushing him again. "Is this some sick joke, because I have liked you since second grade. And I still do!" I yell and cover my mouth. "I got to go. See you later." I say and scurry off. I said something I didn't want to be spilled. What did I do? I just couldn't believe I said that. "Ryle." I say when I walked in because everyone was done. "We need to talk." I walk out and she follows.

"What's wrong? You look flushed, scared and nervous." She says and I take a deep breath.

"He knows... Ryan knows." I whisper and look down.

"He knows what?" She asked lifting my chin.

"I like him," I whisper and she gasps, taking her hand away from my chin. I look down and start crying. "And he liked me," I pushed out.

"Currently or in the past?" She asks and I point behind me as if to say 'past'.

"What should I do?" I ask. I start thinking of our conversation, and realize that Ryan never told me what was after the fact he used to love me. "I know what I should do."


"He was said 'I used to love you and.' That was all! I will have to ask him to continue the story." I said and lit up. I knew what to do. "Let's go back to class." I said and guided her to the door.

"You guys are back!" Ms.Sanchez said with a clap. "Well, you guys have free time. Which means you may pull out electronics. As long as it's appropriate." She says and we smile. Ryle grabs her phone and shows me a phone number.

"What is this for?" I ask. We never shared phone numbers.

"Ryan's number. He gave it to me to show you at the end of the year." She said. I put it in my phone and texted him. He probably was going to hate me.

(Madeline-M, Ryan-R)

M- What were u going to say?

R-1. Who r u & 2. Y r u txting me?

M- Mads, & I have some ?s


M-Ryle 😏


M-When we were talking u were saying something about love. What is that about?

R-I still do like u. 😐😐😐😐😐😖😅😰


R-I'll tell u next period.

M- Fine. 😡

I put my phone up and the bell rang. "Bye Ryle. See you soon."

"Bye." With that I walked out and ran to English. Since we could pick our spots, I waited for Ryan to make sure we got a seat together. When he arrived he smiled at me. I melted in that smile. This was his friend smile.

We sat down and Ryan gave me a hug. "It was all a stupid dare."

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