why me

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It was a average day in a tonw called willow. Nothing ever happen in this not so small town. Everything there was perfect or so everyone throught. They never know what was coming. They didn't know there was a serial killer living among the. Bleeding in with their every day average life. Of the people living in the town. Never knowing when he or she will strike in tell now.

It all start at the house down the line. The summer family were moving into that house. They were a perfect family. Two kids and dog they were moving from nyc to the town. Mr and Ms summer got a good deal for the house. The house was very big it was just perfect. The only set off was the color of the house it was average sky blue. An a elegant setting on the inside of the house. On the outside of the house the backyard was about five acre worth of wood that the eye could see.

" you guy's this is our new home." mr summer said as he look at his yongest son ash he was the whole reason they had to move.

" you boys better get to ready for bed because it 6:00pm and there's school tomower." there dad said as his son ran in the house at full speed.

soon as ash got to his room he had stop to look to the window. Then the door opend anf come in the conner of his eye to see his dog. was a golden retriever who had poped up on his bed likehe owened the place. It seemed like nothing had change it look like his whole world was coming down on him. For the better or the worst.

" I guess we just have to get over it because we have to live here." Odd said as he turned off the lights and went to be.

It was morning. And you can still see some parts of that I was still asleep . It was just getting up to you here's another yelling for him. I said he was the dog and Connor was the human.
" I'm coming mom I just have to make up my bed." Odd said As he made up his bed. Map 3 van downstairs wearing his black jeans and red shirt does the danger and his long haired that was down to is the back in a ponytail.

20. Then there's you halfway done with his food so I didn't get a chance to eat. The reason why was that James was his ride to school every day back when he was living in New York and I still hasn't changed up until now.

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