The Mirrors

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Snow was a very sweet girl. She laughed and played just like the children of my school. There was barely anything different about her. Sometimes, though, you could see her mimicking what you did, raising the same hand you did, wrinkling her nose exactly like yours. It was strange but I put it down to being a side effect of not seeing enough people.
Later I was shown to my rooms. They were decadent like a cake. The sheets were filled with down and the mattress made of feathers. The pillows were a rich gold colour. I lay down and heard the door's lock click shut behind me. Another prison cell. There was a dusty wall covered in a large purple tapestry with the words "My Lady" written on it in bright reds and oranges. On closer inspection, the words were a fantastic mixture on warm colors, red, yellow, gold. That must have glittered and shone when there was light in the room. It would have been quite a sight to wake up to. Of course, it was then I realized that this had been the first queens bedroom. Suddenly a voice filled the room, echoing off the stone walls and floor.
"The Wicked Queen does not know! Her hair is limp and her clothes ragged, but she cares not!" It shouted. "The Wicked Queen, careless is she, except for the murder of Snow!"
This was terror in its purest form, I was sure until a thousand other voices replied in chorus.
"Diamonds will coat your neck! Rubies will drip from your wounds!" They screamed. "Blood has fallen and it is ours!"
"We will rule your mind as you rule the kingdom!"
I ripped the fabric off the wall to find a million tiny shards of reflective glass placed into the wall surrounding a smashed window. Parts closer to the window were smeared with blood. Inside the mirrors were small, devilish faces. They were men and women with long, pointed faces. Their noses were scrunched up in distaste, their mouths puckered as if tasting something sour. They peered out, silent while they stared at me. They sized me up and you could see it happening in their eyes. After a few moments they seemed to have passed judgement.
"You are ugly! You're dull! You will doom the kingdom and all you hold dear! You hold none dear, all will perish! You will die! You will live!" Their shreaks stabbed at my ears, my mind like sharp knives. I ran out of the room, bursting through the doors I had thought were locked. I flew down stairs and hallways. I got to the front doors without anyone stopping me. I waited outside them catching my breath. I was wondering if I should leave, if I could get outside. There were two long mirrors flanking the doors and voices erupted from them.
"Will you flee, Wicked Queen?" They asked in unison.
It was enough to force me out the doors and into the fresh air, refreshingly cool and quiet.

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