Oh, Lisa

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I got to the daycare and greeted Melanie and Cara and went to the children. "Guess who's here?". They all looked at me and practically ran and jumped on me. "Lily!!", said Skye. She had thin blonde hair with brown highlights."I missed you"..."And me!", i hugged james as he said that. They were twins and were seven years old. "Hello", said Lisa, who had a urinating problem.

After a few hours, i got a visitor."Hey love, hey kids", said Liam. "Hello, Lily's boyfriend!", Lisa said. They all chuckled. "Yeah, i wish she was". He smirked at me, then whispered in Lisa's ear. "He asks if he can take you on a date". I whispered something in her ear this time. "She says you first have to catch her".

I ran outside on the grass while he chased me. He was catching up to me. I tripped over a rock and rolled on the grass and he rolled with me.We bumped against each other and i climbed on top of him. "So is it a yes?". I rolled my eyes and finally said yes. I was about to kiss him when the kids came outside. "Yay! Cushion time!", said Jimmy and they launched on us.

Lisa climbed on top of Liam and the rest were on me! James, Skye, Lucy, Brent and the others were rolling on the grass.

"Oop", i heard Lisa say. I know what that meant. She just wetted Liam! We all sang along, "Oh, Lisa".

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