part 2 chapter 4

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Once we got home she started demanding stuff which i found sexy until she threw me on the bed he hips roughly moving against me "i want you to strip for me"she whisperd seductivly

And i was cought in her trans of course i was shocked she wanted me to strip for her but i realized she's my mate so of course she would enjoy it probably more than me she stood up and sat on the couch giving me a wink to go on i stood in front of her she licked her lips eating me up i took my shoes off slowly i could feel her tense i went up to my shirt pulling it off painfully slowly she was already aroused and i loved that watching me pull my shirt up effected her like this once my shirt touched the floor i went towards my belt slowly pulling it off she was on the edge of her seat more aroused then ever the belt hit the floor with  a thud making her gasp a knowingly smirk kissed my lips i loved the fact that i did this to her i un bottoned my pants pulling the fly down she looked at me like it was impossible for me to be like this and that made me much more exited my little mate has a kink and i cant help but like it wait until i tell her to strip for me oh i can't think about that now i would just take her i pulled my pants off leaving me with my boxers i slowly pull them down causing her to cross her legs and hold back a moan but she coudlnt hold it back she realesed it and was it beautiful full of pleasure and desire need and lust

She stood up with shaky legs bringing her hand from my chest to my staff she worked it in her hands making me grone "now i want you to undress me with your mouth use your hands is necessary" that was it she didnt need to say it once more her wish would gladly be granted taking her clothes off with my teeth was surprisingly easy i ripped through the fabric making sure i sucked and licked her skin we had the most heated intimacy ever i had never done something like strip in that form but seeing how i affected her made me love it my mate could literaly ask for anything fuck she asked for me to take her clothes off like and i did gladly intaking her she asked for me to touch her and i did she wasnt shy like before she was demanding she knew her wish is my comand she asked me to go faster and harder and i did what ever she needed craved or desierd would be hers i love red night and i will do anything she asks

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