Chapter Four

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Well the week goes by and I get to know Aaron better it's Friday, and I just got out of school. I go home to get dressed for the party. What dress should I wear? I have so many, but i go with the dress that flows down the back of my legs. Blue really shows off my eyes so, I'm wearing my dark gorgess blue flowy dress. Curly hair or straight? Curly, defiantly, just super cute and works good with my hair. I'm ready and I hear a knock at the door. My mom yells "Honey Aaron's here!" As I walk down the stairs, I see Aaron and he defiantly sees me. "Wow you look" He says in a very jaw dropping way. "Let's go before were late." I say nervously. We get in his car and have an awkward conversation on the way to the party. "Umm was your day?" He said with hesitation.  I dont know what to say, all I can see is his eyes. "Good I guess, and yours?" "Same." He says with complete awkwardness. It was quite the rest of the way. We get to the party and Matt's there. Gosh, could it get any worse. "Hey Aaron could you go get some drinks?" I ask him because I wanted to tell Matt to go away. Aaron heads to go get drinks. Matt comes over. "Hey pretty thing, how's the party?" He says with a smirk. Aarons back with the drinks. I chug mine down, trying to get away from Matt. I use an old excuse to leave. "I have to go pee,  be back in a bit Aaron." I glare at Matt. I find the bathroom and go in there, actually having to go pee. I get done, wash my hands and start feeling dizzy. Then I black out.

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