2. Back to Athens!

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He woke up around eleven. That was a first. Waking up after nine was pretty rare but he had an amazing time yesterday, had relaxed and slept heavily.

Was feeling great. An unprecedented inner peace. Talking with Eleni for hours had worked wonders on him.

They had exchanged phone numbers and had agreed to talk when they'd wake up. Since he didn't know if she was awake, he decided to text her instead. He sent a text to his daughter as well, then went to the bathroom.

When he returned, saw the answer to his message. Eleni had just woke up and suggested they meet to the cafeteria in half an hour.

Cheerfully got ready, went to the cafeteria and waited for her.

She arrived after a while. Was in a good mood, beaming and gorgeous. She approached, greeted him and kissed his cheek again.

"You're spoiling me!" he said, smiling.

"That's alright," she replied.

She told him that her friends had left two hours ago so the idea of joining him on his way back was wise, after all.

They ordered breakfast and continued their discussion. He couldn't have enough of that. It was as if they knew each other for a long time and they really had an interesting conversation. They were both talking and sometimes one was completing the other's sentence.

Two hours passed and they finally decided to leave. They went to their rooms, prepared everything and took off.

He didn't even realize the time that passed while driving from Preveza to Athens thanks to Eleni. They never stopped talking.

They had almost made it to Athens when his phone rang. It was his daughter who wanted to tell him that she was with a friend and she would be home around ten in the evening.

Eleni asked him what they would do when they'd arrive in Athens and basically thanked him for the amazing weekend. She suggested they continued hanging out if he wanted to, of course. Menelaos would give his right arm for that. He told her that it was the best weekend he had the last years and he would love to hang out and continue their discussion.

She asked if he had plans for today and he told her about her daughter's call. He was free until ten o'clock, at least.

Eleni suggested they go to his place and then he could drive her back or she could take a taxi, if that was ok with him, of course. It was relatively close, anyway.

He didn't mind at all so they drove to his place. Fortunately, it wasn't messy at all, the exact opposite. They sat in the living room and he served some drinks.

Eleni was examining the photos on the table, some of them with his ex-wife. She found it positive that he hadn't isolated her.

"We may be separated but that hasn't changed the relationship we once had nor the fact that she is the mother of my daughter," he explained.

"That's the sweetest and fairest thing I've heard," she replied.

She sat close to him on the couch, held his hand and began telling him about how she had felt when she saw him at the Antirio café, yesterday. They had talked many hours but hadn't commented at all on how they met.

Eleni confessed that felt something the moment their eyes had met, something she couldn't define but it was really sweet, regardless. Without knowing how to explain this, she had a feeling she would see him again and indeed, she did and she felt the same way.

It was his turn to speak and confirmed he felt the same way. He also described how he felt when she had touched him for the first time. Was feeling strange even now that she was holding his hand. It was a very pleasant but at the same time, strange feeling as if a flow of energy was transferred from her hand and spread to his whole body.

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