•Mr. Criminal•

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-Criminal AU-

Sakusa Kiyoomi, a 25-year old man who works as a police man in the latest century on his own division at his home town. He was known as the 'Black Ace' because of his cleverness and dedication that he puts on his work. Being an officer isn't easy as it sounds. Of course, analyzing the next criminal who needs to be put on jail for justice isn't easy as it sounds it is. It needs to know more about it's background before having a plan to create in order to capture it without a failure.

On his department with his colleagues, the sound of people being sentenced in jail, police officers who are investigating and negotiating with people and such was filled in this very room. It annoys Sakusa, not a fan of crowd and such as, a germaphobe he is. A man on his mid 50's walked over to him, classifying him as the Head Chief of their department.

He got up from his chair and saluted as the man infront of him does it back. He offers the Head Chief a seat infront of his desk and the said man taking it.

"Officer Sakusa, as you may know, there's a rumor at Hyogo. Drunk men are being slaughtered in dark alleyways and bodies are found near a bridge. I wanted you to investigate it and put this criminal behind the bars" the superior said and Sakusa just listened attentively, analyzing the situation that he needs to investigate.

Talking some more and coming to terms, they both ended their discussions and said their fare wells as Sakusa proceeds on taking immediate actions about this criminal on the loose.

On the other hand at Hyogo, a man named Atsumu Miya, was walking down the alleyways, on the way to his home just a few blocks away. While admiring the view of the night sky up above and stars glimmering on the dark elegant sky, his admiring was caught off when an ear piercing scream then echoed around the alleyway he was in. He stood there, frozen, not knowing what to do and sounds of slashes where heard and groans of absolutely displeasure and hurt was really coming near him.

Atsumu decided to be brave enough and slowly walks towards the sound, careful on not making any noises which will cause them attention. Squinting his eyes from the dark end alleyway he was in before comprehending what he saw.

There laid a man, a knife buried on it's chest and another man in a black hoodie, his face was covered and clearly blood dripping on it's hands are absolutely evident. Atsumu without knowing, let out a rather loud gasp which caught the attention of the man on the black hoodie.

Atsumu widens his eyes as the man looked at him and started running, not knowing what to do. He run away from the scene and didn't need to turn back to know that the man was running, chasing him behind. To his fear, he run incredibly fast, enough to beat the fastest animal on the world, a cheetah.

He run as fast as he could and he can see his neighbour-hood. To his very luck, colors of blue and red light flashes, pulling up a black and white car who where described as a police car. He run towards him and two officers where out of the car. Didn't realize that the culprit was right behind him and the culprit himself didn't fully acknowledge the officers just right in front of his witness.

Atsumu run towards the officers as the culprit nears him, making him run faster again. This tires Atsumu out and for sure he'll be a dead meat when he stops. He run directly at the officers while the culprit slows his pace before analyzing what was happening.

Sakusa was surprised to say the least when he saw the sweaty blonde boy in front of him, looking so scared and vulnerable. His amber eyes shining and could see tears forming on it and loud huffs where heard. Beads of sweats where rolling down his side of his face and couldn't help that Atsumu was really attractive at this moment. Atsumu tugs the hem of his uniform before pointing at the frozen man, not too far from them. Before regaining his breath, Atsumu looked up at Sakusa's onyx eyes like and screamed at him.

"HELP ME! THAT'S A KILLER! HE STABBED THE MAN AT THE ALLEYWAYS! PLEASE HELP!" He said in a breathe before collapsing on his arms. Sakusa was bewildered and before he can process everything before hand, the culprit run away from them, escaping.

That was a big no no to Sakusa Kiyoomi himself and ask his partner and also his cousin, Komori Motoya to look after Atsumu. He chased the culprit and thanking god his jogs and sprinting trainings are putting off.

The culprit then took the left alleyway and Sakusa following behind, gun already on his hands. The culprit looks out and was at the end of the alleyway.

"STOP RIGHT THERE!" The curly black haired officer points his gun towards the criminal. Soon enough, the criminal raised his hands up, signalling his defeat and gave in to Sakusa. Sakusa then got near at the man, not knowing what he has on his sleeves.

 When Sakusa was near enough, he quickly grab the silver knife on his back pocket and slung it towards Sakusa's face. This made Sakusa really shocked and pain was felt on his right cheek. The knife cut his cheek a little, small drops of blood flowing out. He grimaced at it and turned his attention to the criminal who has his knife on his hand. About to shoot, the criminal lunges forward, taking Sakusa by surprise and dodge the attack away.

He then kicked his opponents groin which made the criminal knelt down. Sakusa took this chance to kneel down towards the culprit but sadly, the criminal regain it's posture and got up and punched Sakusa at the chest and Sakusa got out of balance. The culprit took the chance to strangle Sakusa and the officer fighting back.

Sakusa didn't know that the culprit has the gun in his hands. He then pointed the gun at Sakusa and the officer widens his eyes before realizing his gun fell off of his hands earlier.

"Goodnight officer~" the culprit says, and Sakusa grimaced at his tone, tone of arrogance and seductive that made Sakusa gagged a little. About to shoot, a loud bang where heard. Soon enough, the culprit who was on top of him fell off of him, unblocking the view in front of him.

A blonde boy stood there, sweats are clearly visible and sticking on his clothes, showing up it's tone body and a gun on his hand, panting heavily and trembling.

Then it clicks, he shot the criminal on the back. The blonde boy retracted the gun and smirked a little. "Well goodnight to you too, Mr. Criminal"


HEY HEY HEYY! And that's wrap! I don't know how to end this one shot so I made an unexpected plot twist at the end. It lacks SakuAtsu interactions but I'll do my best at the next one! LOVE Y'ALL AND PEACE OUT!

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