Well hey everyone! Some of you may know me as xXsoccerLoverXx well this is my other account! I started thinking about back when I got my first fan and i thought to myself i'm going to make sure everyone can have the feeling of their first fan! 

So that's my goal for this account to fan as many people as possible!! 

I'm not asking you guys to read my stories or fan me back, you can do all of that if you want but this account is all about you!!!

So I hope you are happy and continue on wattpad!

Oh! and i will also take reading request cause i know everyone wants people to read comment and vote on their stories. So tell me your stories!! I'm busy with homework and stuff so it may take a while for me to get back to you but I WILL READ EVERY STORIES POSTED ON THIS PAGE!!!!

(please don't post your stories on my other account xXsoccerloverXx)

Thanks! and goodluck!!!! :)
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