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Hey...well I'm Snow, ok more like Snow White...and yes thats my real name :3 Iz awesome I know ;D in my language it's written like Snezana tho :). I'm 21, taken, I love to write and meet new people, Iz also a cupcake ninja, bunny and snowflake :3. I got the most amazing twin her name is Chelsea and she's on here... she's the best <3 I loves her loads!!!!!.That's me on my profile picture, and well 

The awesome, funny, amazing, cool people....= my friends and family ♥♥♥ :

 @Potatoes_United My lovely twin Chelsea that hacked me... :O how mean lolz I should hack her lol...nah she's awesomness I love her so much ♥ and she's a great writer so check her out :3
 @NOTAfraid My brother Gabe he's such a flirt...gezz but I loves him ♥...he's awesome check him out :3
 @xXBlackButterfliesXx My lovley, funny above all amazing  sister :3 Love you Andri ♥
 @JxCxDevil666 My simply amazing brother not related but just like if he were :3 Anyone who hurts him will meet the bad part of me :D Love you!!! ♥
 @TomFeltonlove Saloniii!!! She's awesomness and I love talking with her her story is amazing ♥
 @xXPrincessSabrinaXx We're awesome, we're hot, and guess what? We got cupcake badges hell yea :D xD♥ Love ya 
 @angelheart233 We're superheros, I'm superwoman and she's cat woman, we save the world ;3 she's awesomeness ♥
 @Stronger21 My amazing friend Kris, she's awesomness go fan her ♥

 @TheWayHeSmiles Team Fabulous FTW ♥

Love is a scary business. It's savage and exciting, it has the power to raise cities and bring man to their knees, it fools good taste and social morays catching across borders to make enemy's of friends and friends of enemy's . It takes what it wants, it does what it wants, and it goes where it wants. Love is a damn beast! ~ Aphrodite (Grace) in Valentine 

If  you wanna know anything else message me....  

Buhh bye till than ;3 ♥ @}--^-- twinning ;3 ♥ --^--{@





22 parts / 5 pages, updated Feb 23, 2013PG-13
Poetry I've written, some dedicated some not...hope you all enjoy it...all I can say is there are to much feelings in each poem....♥ Snow
5,077 reads votes 261 comments 141
Demonic Temptation

Demonic Temptation

2 parts / 4 pages, updated Aug 17, 2012PG-13
When he thought that life couldn't get better he dies. Tragedy is cast upon his life that day when he looses everything and heads towards the sky. His entry in heaven i... read more
1,749 reads votes 97 comments 49
Yours ( ♥ )Mine

Yours ( ♥ )Mine

1 page, updated Nov 22, 2011PG-13
428 reads votes 20 comments 16
It Only Takes One [Tom Felton]

It Only Takes One [Tom Felton]

5 parts / 9 pages, updated Nov 13, 2011PG-13
Caught "cheating" Avery dumps Tom when a fight leads to a devasting accident will she live or not? Is Tom too late in showing how he feels?
4,890 reads votes 85 comments 68


1 page, updated Sep 29, 2011PG
170 reads votes 13 comments 16
You're Not Sorry

You're Not Sorry

1 page, updated Sep 15, 2011G
Something I wrote a year ago, random inspiration out of songs not really dedicated to anyone :)
283 reads votes 24 comments 27
Always And Forever

Always And Forever

1 page, updated Sep 15, 2011G
187 reads votes 15 comments 13
Falling In Love [With You]

Falling In Love [With You]

1 page, updated Sep 11, 2011G
511 reads votes 17 comments 27
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I know this reply is long due, but thanks I appreciate that you took the time to read it and comment and I agree with you anything is possible if...

thank you :)
Always And Forever

Thank you darling

Amazing as always, I hope this helps you in a way to let go :)

Thanks Kris :) i'm glad you like it

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