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       ❝I will choose a path that's clear.
  I will choose Freewill.❝ - Freewill, Rush         
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           Proud to be a spacey grammar &
           spelling nazi who happens to be
           a canadian jedi that loves  books,
           Disney and other crazy  things.

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The Poems of the Second Tree

Social data: 1.3K reads. 97 votes. 73 comments.

Description: All of the poems I think of, together in one book.

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The Rhetoric Experiment

The Rhetoric Experiment

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The Book of Stuff

The Book of Stuff

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Stuff: Spoofs, story ideas that have been buzzing in my head for too long, and just more stuff...

The Diary of a Writer and Her Pokemon

The Diary of a Writer and Her Pokemon

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Basically what the title says.



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