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             ❝I will choose a path that's clear.
        I will choose Freewill.❝ - Freewill, Rush         
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                 Proud to be a spacey grammar &
                 spelling nazi who happens to be
                 a canadian jedi that loves  books,
                 Disney and other crazy  things.
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The Poems of the Second Tree

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Description: All of the poems I think of, together in one book.

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18/3 Years

18/3 Years

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The Diary of a Writer and Her Pokemon

The Diary of a Writer and Her Pokemon

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Basically what the title says.

The Creature Chronicles

The Creature Chronicles

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The Creature Chronicles is a series of short stories about the creatures myths and legends are made of...

The Planets

The Planets

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Dancing Around the golden one are eight planets all the same. Each with a distinct personality bringing...


One chapter, two contrasting narrators [and their respective significant (or formerly significant) others], and a little foreshadowing of the Phantom at the end. The ladies seem to be good foils of each other, even though they've never met (for now?). It is almost one-thirty in the morning, so I won't read on to Two.
      Until the next,
Does anyone know how to get rid of that nasty habit of procrastinating on the "Reading" and "Read Later" lists?
You read my fanfiction legacy and seemed to like it! Well after months of emotional stress and getting my crud together I'm back and actively writing! Ive put up two more chapters and another will be uploaded tonight! I would really appreciate some constructive critisism!! 
willatree2 commented on The Planets - My Flushed Face

Ok, do you have it saved as a draft on Wattpad? If so, then just press the big publish button on the top right corner of your screen.
      If not, then click the create button on your ribbon, click create new, and type/ copy & paste into the text box.  Then do what you normally would for the draft.
      Now, the link that was sent, is it your draft?  Only the author is allowed to read the draft.