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~I am a tad bit OCD, which explains a lot if you think about it.... wow....

~Half the time I AM REALLY REALLY HYPER FOR NO REASON AT ALL!!!! And the other half I... am... really.... lazy.... and.... tired....

~My birthday is June 20th :D

~Am I a muggle? Maybe. Maybe not.... ;)

~Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, and Percy Jackson are my babies. My family knows that if they mess with my books they are dead ;)

~Born and raised in California baby! Woop Woop!

~ I LOVE the rain (you get sick of the sun growing up in SoCal!)

~I am a total nerd but a (somewhat) athletic one. I love basketball, swimming, and I can play pretty much any other sport but these are the only two I can watch :3

~I LOVE VIDEOGAMES! And yes I am kind of a tomboy :)

~I'm not crazy, my mother had me tested! ;D

~Check out the list entitled Everyone MUST Read These. in my library for all of my favorite wattpad books that are AMAZING!
that_is_mahogany_'s Reading ListALL TIME FAVORITES!!Another Favorites List :)Everyone MUST read these.

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