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i write to r e m e m b e r
sometimes to f o r g e t

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Defying Gravity

Social data: 382K reads. 17K votes. 3.6K comments.

Description: “I am a devil. A demon. I do not love. I destroy. And if you don’t leave now, I will destroy you for I cannot love an angel.” "I am an archangel. An angel. I love. I create. And if I stay now, I will only love you more for I am capable of loving a...

#51 in Fantasy

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Flirting with Disaster

Flirting with Disaster

149K 4.9K 709

Hedone is a secret name with a masked identity known as the prom-crasher. It’s been her tradition to des...

Kissing Santa Claus

Kissing Santa Claus

6.9K 301 59

Every Christmas Eve, I'd always kiss Santa. It is the only relationship I have. [one-shot] [complete]

Hit me, Cupid!

Hit me, Cupid!

3.7M 85K 23.5K

Cupid and Psyche. It's the oldest tale in the world. But what happens when Cupid falls victim to his own...

The Fallacy of Broken Hearts

The Fallacy of Broken Hearts

16.3K 589 111

He is cruel, bitter, and cold. He is Death. She's complex, wild, and unpredictable. She is Lacy -- Dea...

JeNich15 posted a message to NicAthena
Thank you for reading my message. ❤ I was so shock when I saw 'NicAthena Replied' thingy. Thank you for updating the Defying Gravity! I'll wait for the next update. 
AllysaKasandra posted a message to NicAthena
thank you author for the update! ang ganda.. hehe.. i just wanna ask how many chapters are still there for defying gravity? i have a feeling its nearing its end. 
AllysaKasandra posted a message to NicAthena
hi.. i am a filipino reader and i am currently reading defying gravity. its nice to read a book about angel and demons with some kind of twist in it.not the simple love story about devil and angel. yours has depth you know.. haha!  i really love defying gravity. i hope you can update soon. 
Hi, I just wanted to drop by and say that you're one of the best authors out there! Before your book 'Kidnapped to be married' was published, I had luckily read it all! And I absolutely loved it! I still do to this day. I can't wait till all the volumes are published so I can get buy them at the same time and read them all in one day with some food xD This is probably late, but congrats on getting published! You deserve it. I hope there will be more published books soon! *wink wink* Ta ta! *waves goodbye*
topsehun posted a message to NicAthena
hi, i just wanted to ask that will you be putting the chapters of 'kidnapped to be married' back again or we have to order it? bc i really wanted to read your book  i love love love it ( tho i read only the beginning chapter )