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If you're reading this you may have read or are planning to read the remarkable works of the mysterious being known as Telephonic. You may be wondering, 'who is this mysterious being?'. That information is given on a need to know basis and those who need to know will know who they are ...eventually. As you read Telephonic's masterpieces you may begin to wonder at the humility she so modestly presents herself with. You may begin to to think of her as a writing master or a beacon of light in the wattpad darkness- Dare you think it, an all powerful writing goddess. While she maintains- quite humbly- that she is neither it never hurts to insist upon it relentlessly. You may also wonder why she talks about herself in third person.
To this question, and many others, the answers may never be awarded. 
Is she human? Is she dancer? We may never know. But if you read her stories and say nice things about her she will probably weep with joy. I'm not kidding... weep. Er... of course these will be all powerful writers tears which create character depth and plot dimension as they bleed into the pages of her ever progressing stories and will the genius of every author shes ever admired to converge upon her mind and collide into a fantastic multi-cosmic ether of wit and resolve. No- she doesn't know what she meant by that but it doesn't matter because she's pretty sure she just blew your mind.
In conclusion,Telephonic would like to thank you personally for reading her profile page- but she couldn't be here. So please accept this generic 'Telephonic thanks you for your reads/comments/votes/fans etc...'


Ophelia Drowned

Ophelia Drowned

23 parts / 54 pages, updated May 26, 2013PG-13Video
When Maggie continues to act out glorified death scenes through suicide attempts she is told that she's only looking for attention, and it's probably true. But after she at... read more
77,108 reads votes 1,490 comments 431
The Cursed Crown [Sequel to The Magic Mirror]

The Cursed Crown [Sequel to The Magic Mirror]

10 parts / 23 pages, updated Mar 29, 2013
1,480 reads votes 54 comments 19
Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect

1 page, updated Aug 11, 2012PG
256 reads votes 13 comments 8
Look Away

Look Away

1 page, updated Apr 30, 2012
184 reads votes 14 comments 9
The Magic Mirror

The Magic Mirror

41 parts / 92 pages, updated Mar 21, 2012PGVideoCompleted
Prophecies can be a pain. Nobody knows this better than Fier- who has been charged with the protection of an all powerful stone and the safety of the realm all his life. N... read more
37,137 reads votes 540 comments 146
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Ophelia Drowned

Thanks for the feedback. I'll look into it and see if I can make that scene more realistic, and thanks so much for reading!
Ophelia Drowned

She sent them right back up, yes. I'll try to make that more clear. I laughed pretty hard at the forest gump reference. Thanks for reading and...
Ophelia Drowned

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