I like to think I write because I have beauty hidden in me, somewhere. But the truth of the matter is that I'm addicted to it, like nerdy cocaine. I study Mathematics and Computer Science, so thought I better write fantasy, just to complete that stereotype too.


They call it the Dawnlight because that's as far as it ever gets. The sun rises in the early morning, with its thin, tentative light, and for the rest of the day there is nothing more. Nothing. Nothing but rain and grey and dead dragon bones. Bare rock and bodies. It's dark and wet and empty. It's fog and sickness and death.
                               - Drystan Beddoe, Silence Falls

Lots of people have a 'my aims' section on their profile. My only aim was to get 'Promise the Sky' into the top ten of a genre so I'd be able to see it on the old homepage. It did (Adventure) but I was on holiday so I missed it. That's how my luck works. So now I just want to make it onto the Watty Awards Shortlist this year instead because the homepage has changed and I had to get a new aim. Maybe next year I'll go for Rowling-esque exposure, riches, and world domination.
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Promise the Sky

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Description: The city of Harborne is one with a troubled past. Its influence once wiped out an entire nation and, in return, it brought the wrath of the Dragon-Kin, of Bron and the Viper, down upon its walls. In this world where everyone is born with magic, Edwa...

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