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As you can see, My name's Farha ^ it's an Arabic name for "Happiness". 

I watch a lot of movies. And I'm a fan of horror  movies.
I like a wide range of music.
I love art. I mostly draw abstract.
I love cooking. Baking is a lot of fun too. Something about not knowing how your cookies are going to turn out to be makes it exciting. Heh. :P
Reading about real life murder cases really fascinates me. It's as if I'm reading a book/watching a movie!
I love singing. Although, I don't really sing in front of people. I'm too shy. 
....what else?

Oh yeah, I have a great sense of humor. (or I think I do, last time I checked...o.O)
I'm easy to talk to.
I don't get offended easily. 
Though I can be a little short-tempered sometimes, I don't hold grudges for long.
I tend to have a high tolerance level. Especially with my crazy family. 

Started writing, took a long break. (still on a break).
Writing shouldn't be something I haaave to do.
I prefer writing when I feel like it. But I can be lazy sometimes. ._. 
Plus, I wouldn't want to force something good. I like coming up with something really great when I'm truly inspired/motivated. 

Oh and I love love love a story with a really great "male/female" dynamic. 

Well..I guess that's it for now. 

"Stay Excellent"
-Easy A.



Sensible Nonsense.

Sensible Nonsense.

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Your Typ!cal Story. ( On A Long Hiatus)

Your Typ!cal Story. ( On A Long Hiatus)

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Ashley Simmons, smart, independent, talented, beautiful...and a total bitch with good intentions. Born in New York with dreams of becoming a musician, As... read more
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