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First of all I am a christian and as such all my gifts and talents come from the Lord. I write because i love to write and it is a dream of mine to reach out and touch people through my works. I love to help people and love working with people. Fan come and they go and votes don't really matter. If you enjoy what you read or write about then read or write about it and do not let others influence you.

Love listening to music and writing poetry and reading others work. But which of us wattpaders do not.

My one wattpad goal in life:

To show people that they are not alone in this world.

My favorite quotes are:

"If you can't dream then what's life mean"-Hollywood Undead
"There is beauty even in the darkest of places"-myself
"The poets die for love"-Merlin 

I hope that all of you continue to write because it is something that you enjoy. Not just to see how many people like your work. It is your work and you yourself can tell how if you did a good job or it needs work. Don't rush it. Let it flow like a ripple upon the lake.

Special shout outs to:

Emma and me use to talk all the time and haven't spoken with her in a while so posting this for her.
Check it out. thanks :) 

Will be posting more adds and such for books that are self published and such.
 @DandaPandabey <---- promoting this young lady for her awesome graphic work
 @SilverMoonShadow <---- promoting this young lady for her awesome graphic work


Thoughts of Lunacy

Thoughts of Lunacy

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Beauty of the Sea

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Like An Onion

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My Little Dark Side

My Little Dark Side

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Roses of Black

Roses of Black

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My Secrets Uncovered

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Truer Than Blue

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Leap of Faith

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Beauty vs Beast

Beauty vs Beast

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very creative with your word play. Very descriptive and easy for most to follow and relate. Though dig deeper into the feelings. a few simple...
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very enjoyable keep up the good work
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very enjoyable keep up the good work
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easy to follow. it flows well and love your use of rhymes. Sad yet realistic comparing dreams to modern day life.
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