I love to read and write books like I'm sure you all do. I'm Romanian and have 3 brothers and 1 sister. I have a huge family and wonderful friends. They are what inspire me to write what I do.

I've been on wattpad for more than a year now and I can't believe all the support I get from all you amazing people. Never would I have thought my work was good enough for an audience but what can I say now. I write as much as I can so that I can finish my books as soon as possible and please my fans. I can't stand people who take the same story someone else has written and changed the names. Like really, grow up. If you can't write don't steal someone else's hard work.


Favorite shows-
Vampire Diaries
Grey's Anatomy
Game of Thrones
The White Queen


Dark Chocolate is my weakness.

My new favorite movie is The Fault in Our Stars.


I apologize ahead of time for the rough mistakes you will find throughout my stories. Typically I get excited and post a chapter without really getting time to proof read. So everything I have posted is probably bad rough drafts.

I have self published my first book "Royal Pain" and soon will have the second part "Royal Pain: The Origin" out, hopefully by the end of August. "Embracing Pain" is the third book to my series and I'm in the process of working on the forth installment. And I have a copyright on all my books.

I believe this is the part where I convince you to follow me on all forms of social media...

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Embracing Pain: Requiem (Book Four)

Social data: 17.1K reads. 1.2K votes. 250 comments.

Description: This is the fourth book in my Mark of the Royals series. It continues the story of Queen Deva. If you haven't read the other books then this will most likely confuse you. So please by all means start from the beginning with "Royal Pain" book one. ...

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Loving You Desperately

Loving You Desperately

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The story of Laura and Chris continues. This is the sequel to Hating You Sweetly. Just when you though...

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Embracing Pain (Book Three)

Embracing Pain (Book Three)

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I'm so sorry for the confusion but this is the third book to my "Mark of the Royals" series. The first b...

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Royal Pain (Book One)***Complete***

Royal Pain (Book One)***Complete***

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For some reason there are some troubles reading this story when you open in through the app but if you u...

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Royal Pain: The Origin (Book Two)

Royal Pain: The Origin (Book Two)

201K 5.9K 458

This is the continuation of Royal Pain. The second book to my series of Mark of the Royals. Deva is al...

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hi! i just want u to know that i really like your story of loving you desperately. i hope you update soon cause i really wanna know the ending. your an amazing writer.
OMG!! I loved royal pain and especially the dramatic ending!! I still cant believe that happened!! One thing i really want to know is about the guy in the cage.. But omggg best book everrrr!!!! <33333
CrystalRoy posted a message to romolavinia91
I am a big fan of ur Royal Pain books. I read the first one when u were still writing then I lost watt pad for a while and when I came back you had two more books and my bf got so mad cause he said they were like my crack I could not put your books down I'm anxiously awaiting your next chapter. Also I love the soundtrack u have for ur books if not for u I would have never learned who Get Scared were. Keep up the good work. I sit in anticipation for your next chapter.