Royal Pain (Book One)***Complete***

For some reason there are some troubles reading this story when you open in through the app but if you update the wattpad app or refresh it. The story should pop up. Three identical vampire princes are searching for a human girl to one day rule their kingdom. Little did they know that Deva was not like the rest of the girls. Instead of falling for the brothers charms and striving for their attention like most of the girls, Deva does everything she can to get on their bad side so that they may send her home. But for some reason everything she tries on them doesn't seem to work. She is pulled and twisted into the vampire world til she is left crying for home and a way out. I promise this is a book that will not disappoint.
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Shoulda gotten into your car like your gut was screaming at you to do. But nooo, since the psycho is cute, nothing could possibly happen.
Nu te îngrijora! Romană nu e ușoară! Si eu trăiesc in Canada, dar sunt născuta in România. Scriem un mesaj privat, ca sa putem comunica mai ușor!
emma. eu am fost nascuta in canada, deci pardon daca eu nu scriu ceva bine aici. nu stiu daca am scris aia correct!
Ok @WritersBlock280102 I won't either. But in order to make the promise solid, u have to hop on a trampoline and eat a banana with whip cream and Carmel/syrup
I see. We'll, @WritersBlock280102 I only have one thing to say.

Never eat toast and fish at the same time.
Please write the whole book on wattpad I can purchase the book but I love it soooooo much!

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