My name is JcLynn and I am a writer. As of right now I am focusing on paranormal romances. I absolutely love writing, especially about things that don't exist (sorry believers!). I feel like I can get away with more when writing about fictional beings! 

Here are some fun facts about me :)
::Favorite Color is Aquamarine::
::Been writing since I was in 2nd grade::
::I own my own errand courier business::
::I live off of Dollar store food :)::
::I am single -- And HAPPY::
::I love live music::

Also Please like my Facebook Fan Page. There will be exclusive updates, short stories on all completed series and much more! Plus there are photo galleries of all my stories, so you can get a good look at how I imagine the characters :) It's linked to the little home icon under my picture :) THANKS

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StayBeautiful4Me posted a message to jc83189
Hello! My name is Madeline and I just read Forever Dead in exactly six hours, and yes, I read it all in one go. I was browsing in Discover, trying to expand my library and accumulate a couple dozen more books, when suddenly a title stands out to me: "Forever Dead". My interest was immediate and I read the first chapter and next thing I know it is almost four in the morning and I have finished a book that has captured my everlasting fascination. You did an amazing job and, from one author to another, I envy your skill. I can only wish that one day my writing will be this good. Thank you for sharing this truly fantastic and incredibly amazing fictional book that I now have an unnatural obsession with (the best kind of book, of course). 
-A new fan,
~Madeline Jane
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hello JcLynn i hope you can update soon i love your Vampire stories and i do believe on things that don't exist, too...