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My Korean Prince

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@SandraCorton haha very true :) Wow really?! You're an amazing, talented writer!! You're welcome! It's a good idea just original you know? :) ...
A Chance for Change (excerp...

There's always an evil stepmother or step-parent! haha :) Great so far! :)
A Chance for Change (excerp...

@hannah-vo Page 4, 4th Paragraph..Maybe you meant licked? :) You're welcome! This was amazing and I can't wait to read "Remembering Chloe"
The Bet

Loved the ending!!!!!!!!!!! :D amazing book! I read it all today and loved it! One minor mistake though it says she' "liked" her lips? :) Other...
The Bet

hi :) just wanted to point out a little mistake that someone may have caught already..but it says "Girls like Chris don't fall for girls like...
The Bet