To be clear I fan a lot but it’s not... Empty fanning? meaning, I fan after the writer has captured my interest with an amazing story, or if its a veery awesome person ;)

FACTS you probably won't give a damn about:
*I obviously Love to read, I’m at that every day at least a little, since TV doesn't do it like a good story XD
*I love ALL genres, I do read a lot of boyxboy romance *sigh*, aaand I also enjoy the very kinky sexual stories, yes, I’m probably a bit of a pervert, sue me! >:D
*I would love to write my own story but it’s simply not my talent, maybe after reading a million stories ill do it...
*I love to eat! Almost anything... bloody meat, sushi, fried things…*_______*
*I love felines and wolfs…Got a little cat complex...Yeah...
\ /\
) ( ')
( / )
\(__) |
*I wish werewolf existed and I don't base my Illusions on twilight(not that I have anything against it)
*I should have been born a boy, I sure wish I was!
*I really don't like bad grammar (I mean the REALLY bad one, where you cant stand reading it or nothing makes sense), if you're going to write, do it well, if you don't know how, look for help,edit after it gets bad response, don't just leave it like that!. -_-
*I get bored extremely fast only a REAL good story can keep me reading till the end unless not completed yet, and that sucks!
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