I love making friends with my fans/ people I'm fans with, so don't feel shy to talk to me if you're bored.

I try to take the Wattpad clichés that people complain about and try to make it a little more original if I can. Most of my stories have 'forbidden' or unorthodox themes but the themes are in brackets at the end of the title for you to decide.


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The Chosen [Wolf + MxM]

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Description: The thing about childhood friends is that they don't ever remain children for very long. And for that matter, they don't always remain friends either. Things change. Kids grow up, feelings shift and sometimes friendship isn't enough anymore. Never m...

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Alejo [Vampire]

Alejo [Vampire]

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I have no conscience. I don't feel guilt. I enjoy torture. I have spikes of rage that result in death or...

Forever Alina [Student/Teacher]

Forever Alina [Student/Teacher]

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Alina Ortega lives a sheltered but simple life with her negligent mother. The girl has never been to sch...

Forbidden Fruit [BroxSis Part 2]

Forbidden Fruit [BroxSis Part 2]

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The official "Forbidden Fruit" sequel. (read the first book before continuing with this one or it may ca...

Forever Alina- One Shots

Forever Alina- One Shots

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A six chapter extension of the original story where each chapter is narrated by a character other than A...

He still talked to Kenny sometimes but he never tried to get Orion’s attention anymore. Orion wasn’t complaining. He had never liked Kevin and was glad that the boy had finally gotten the hint.
Ahh the Kevin theory. I thought of that myself and I've seen some people speculate too. That could have been really interesting to explore if I didn't like Kevin so much. He certainly has motive

Neither the girl nor the guy I'd dated had done it for me.
Yep that's pretty much the answer I'd give really. Generally speaking, the Chosen are chill about orientation and same sex partners..who are also Chosen. There may be one or two people who don't go for it but they're in the minority. Which is why Ri was a little hesitant before he came out to Nye. Their issues are more race related.

“I don’t mean to interrupt,” he started, “but are you saying that this equipment is going to be for the Chosen and the Chosen only? Why waste our resources on them? Why not let the animals ha...
You can say it. The man's a douchebag. Of course, the humans see Chosen as animals so it's not uncommon to hear that kind of talk thrown around casually. They see Chosen with their wolf tendencies, their ability to shift, their wolf traits and the animals in their eyes and they rationalize that they aren't human because of this. Therefore they're animals. And they don't have to help the Chosen because they have their Packs and can fend for themselves. It's ignorant and selfish but...human nature

“Technically I’m not fully Chosen.
Yeah Nye's definitely Chosen and he knows he i. But when a human officer who doesn't like Chosen says that he likes taking Chosen matters into his own hands, it's better to distance yourself as much as you can. Nye figured he could bullshit his way out of that by playing the Dormant Chosen isn't really Chosen card. He doesn't believe it though lol