I love making friends with my fans/ people I'm fans with, so don't feel shy to talk to me if you're bored.

I try to take the Wattpad clichés that people complain about and try to make it a little more original if I can. Most of my stories have 'forbidden' or unorthodox themes but the themes are in brackets at the end of the title for you to decide.


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The Chosen [Wolf + MxM]

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Description: The thing about childhood friends is that they don't ever remain children for very long. And for that matter, they don't always remain friends either. Things change. Kids grow up, feelings shift and sometimes friendship isn't enough anymore. Never m...

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Alejo [Vampire]

Alejo [Vampire]

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I have no conscience. I don't feel guilt. I enjoy torture. I have spikes of rage that result in death or...

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Forever Alina [Student/Teacher]

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Forbidden Fruit [BroxSis Part 2]

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Forever Alina- One Shots

Forever Alina- One Shots

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A six chapter extension of the original story where each chapter is narrated by a character other than A...

Ahh yes the emotions were a bit all over in this one. Sad one minute, anxious the next, angsty but then teasing and then hopeful but then doting and then happy and then playful. Good lord I need to stop sending you poor people on such a trip every chapter lol. Ugh precious little bby boy Vinny. I mean I'm glad Kevin took the first step, but it was a really really stupid move for someone who doesn't know Orion like we do. Like I know Kevin's story and exactly what happened to him in detail so it's ridiculously idiotic for him to even befriend Orion. Far less make a move on him.
Lol Ri's mom is a trip but I'd be the same if I were her. They're the alpha family. Orion can't bring home any and everyone with all the Packs keeping close eyes on them. And now he's hanging with a human who comes over looking like he was in a fight. Lol the poor woman. Plus she's protective over her bby boy. Understandable since Ri's a Second. He's in tune with emotion. She doesn't want him hurt. Lmfao you would SOOO be the crazy bush mother

Oh hush you *blushes* :D I tried and I'm so happy that I finally got it right. I can't even tell you how many times I redid parts of this. Ugh yes! Orion offered to let Kevin call him Ri. It happened in my head and I squealed into the pillow. I mean when he says friends we're talking Kenny and Nye only. And his family. This isn't just something he'd let anyone do because Ri is an alternative for Ri-Ri (and we know the embarrassing kid story behind that). They're so gross <3