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Hey! It's the same Born2Write16 from quizzila(: 

Random Facts about me.
> I love Cows
> My favorite colors are blue, silver, black, and white.
> I love anime! Black Butler, OHSHC, Soul Eater, Fruit Baskets, Kaichou wa Maid-Sama...<3
> I love to write fantasy and paranormal(: Werewolves dont fly with me, so i wont read them.
> I will accept reading requests, but not werewolves! ickky, really dont like themm.
> Have three phobias; water, shots, and snakes... O.O
> Half the time I have no clue what the *beep* im writing so bare with mee....
> I'm alot younger than I appear to write..
> I love Lady Gaga, Skillet, Rock N' Roll, Country, some Pop, and Classic Rock.
>Im a cat person, meow <3 :3
> Sometimes I get stuck on writing and wont update for along time but please be patient and nag me a bit and I will, :3
> I hate flies. -.-" With a passion. I swear.
> I'm in love with my best friends brother, (: Cliche, I know. But it's true, ^.^ Smexi blue eyes.... <3 Woo!
> I get slightly insane and perverted at night. (O.O) Seriously, I guess I dont have the ability to have a clean mind during the day.

I love to read.! 
Favorite Authors/Books:
-The Thirteenth Tale, by: Diane Setterfield. I love it so much. Its basically where I got my inspiration to write dark/morbid/sadistic writings.
-Entwined, by: Heather Dixon. Its recently published, but im in love with it, the Keeper sounds so sexy despite him being the bad guy(;
-Sunshine, by: Robin McKinley. Basically everyone of Robin McKinley's books are awesome. Sunshine is my favorite though, Constantine is probably the most sexiest vampire ever. <3
Favorite Series:
-Bloody Jack Series, by: L.A. Meyer.
-Maximum Ride Series, by: James Patterson.
-Matched Triology, by: Ally Condle.
-Singer of All Songs, Waterless Sea, and the Tenth Power, by: Kate Constable. Don't know what series its called though.

Here's my Quizilla account, though i barely go on it anymore. I think I might start too though.


Twisted Rose

Twisted Rose

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Broken Dancer Doll

Broken Dancer Doll

3 parts / 10 pages, updated Apr 22, 2012R
Andre has giving up on playing by the rules. After all, Kerry's master is going to come back and kill him. Be prepared to experience black magic, bounding spells, witch... read more
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